Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome Baby Bennington!

Welcome to our first post for Baby Bennington!

Well if you haven't figured it out by now- guess what we are pregnant! Right now I am only 6 weeks along and we are due 4/24/07. As you can guess we are very excited about our first child who right now goes by "bam bam".

We had a big this weekend this past week. While we've known for two weeks- we were waiting to tell our families until Jeremy's birthday. What Jeremy thought would just be a 30th bday bbq was so much more- I had masterminded a dinner party for months at Buca Di Beppo's that included Jeremy's family flying in from Seattle, NYC and Denver plus lots of local family and friends.

I can say with confidence that he didn't see it coming and we had a really awesome party. And guess what the rest of the family didn't see coming- along with some other thank you presents- some special presents for our parents.....little baby booties!!

Everyone is really excited- as are we- although it's all still very surreal. So far I am feeling fine aside from some tummy troubles. We're a little overwhelmed with all the things to do, not do, buy and not buy. Wowzas!

I'll try to keep this blog posted regularly on happenings with bam-bam and our family. In the meantime here are some pics from our crazy weekend!!

Jeremy's stepmom Barbara, sister Jess, niece Vicki, sister Carrie and Dad Jerry partying hardy at Buca's.

Look what they unwrapped! Baby booties!

Me and Mom- Mamaw Terri that is.

Jeremy got a guitar for his bday present!- plus money for lessons!

Jessica, Mark, Vicki and I light 30 candles without burning down the house!

Baby Bob wants a cousin!