Wednesday, January 28, 2009


In the middle of a blizzard, in the middle of the night, almost in the middle of the parking lot... Charley Dean Bennington made his appearance at 10:48pm last night, 1/27. He weighs 9.8 lb and 21in long.

I'm typing this on jer's blackberry cause he went home with the stomach flu and I can't figure out the computer nor how to get into my email contacts! Stayed tuned here and to email for pics later.

I will briefly say that with Gods grace and protection I had a wonderful med free labor that progressed so quickly it surprised even our doula. Charley was born about 12 min after we got to the hopital. He is big and healthy and nursing well.

There's no doubt God protected us all the way... From safe and quick passage in the weather to the perfect timing of Mom and Dad's arrival to babysit at the exact time we needed to leave. Jeremy didn't even start to feel sick until several hours after birth. The poor guy has gone home to dope up on my leftover meds and will bring big sister here hopefully this afternoon.

What an amazing night!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad Timing

We could use your prayers and good thoughts as the stomach flu seems to have picked the worst time to move into our household.

I've had it for about 24 hr now and may be on the upswing as I was able to keep down some toast and feel well enough to sit up and write this. I called my doc in the middle of the night when I couldn't even keep down liquids and he called me in some drugs that are delivered not by mouth but, well...other methods. They seem to be helping alot.

Unfortunately Tessa started throwing up a couple of hours ago, and Jer has her at the doctor's right now. He doesn't feel well either but is determined not to get it.

Hopefully we can all get better with our meds and rest up for the days ahead!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kissing Mommy's Belly

Tessa can point to my belly and say 'baby' and even kiss it, but does that mean she knows what's about to happen? Heck no. It's still pretty cute....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

38 wk Checkup

Went to the doc's today to check in. Everything is looking great. Of course my blood pressure was totally normal, confirming my thoughts Monday's reading at the community center was a fluke. Doc Bowers asked me why the Doc on call didn't have me come into the office first instead of heading the hospital...and of course I wonder that myself! Oh well.

I am dilated 1cm but the baby is still high. I think it's funny that two different doctors have used the phrase 'way up in Canada'. That must be something they say alot in their office.

Doc Bowers also reviewed our birth plan and says a-okay all of our choices for natural childbirth. He's familiar with our doula as they have apparently birthed many babies together.

So we go back next Thursday unless something happens (knock on wood). If I make it to the 39 wk appt it's apparently routine for them to do a 'No Stress Test'. I guess this just means they hook me up to a fetal monitor for an hour to watch it's heartbeat. I wouldn't know...we never made it to Tessa's 39 wk appointment!

Monday, January 19, 2009

For Laughs... the end of a long day. This could pretty much be any day at our house.

btw I just recently watched this show (family guy) for the first time. I think it's so funny that the dog and baby are smarter than anyone in the house. Totally Tessa and Hayden plotting to take over the world.

Trial Run

So here's the scoop of what happened today. I went to the community center for aerobics and took my bp on their cuff when I first got there and it was 137/100 which I know is pretty high. I felt fine though so I stuck around class and walked laps while my classmates aerobicized. After class it was even a little higher so I call the doctors.

I really expected they would want me to come to the office but much to my surprise they said to not pass go and go on the hospital! We had just put Tessa down for naps so we woke her up and dropped her at our friend's house. I took my bag and her bag for Erin's just in case.

Well of course once we got there my bp was totally normal. They hooked me up to one of those cuffs that takes your bp like every 5 minutes and I was on it for probably 2 hours. The whole time it was about 110/70. When I laid on my side and dozed a even got as low as 93/60!

I was totally expecting the worst so I was surprised that everything is fine. They also tested my pee for protein, which was clear, so we were dismissed about 3 hrs after we got there. No bedrest or restrictions.

Who knows if it was a fluke or maybe even the cuff at the community is not trustworthy, but going by the readings they have, doc says all is perfectly fine!

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers today. I feel like I cried wolf, but let's just call it a 'trial run'. Had we really been anticipating a stay there we forgot one important thing...the camera.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feeling Like Crap

Oh man I'm tired today. I remember at the end of my last pregnancy being tired alot but it seems alot worse this time around. There are some days that I could sleep all day if I let myself, then others I am fine. Perhaps this is part of being pregnant and having a toddler too?

I really thought I couldn't get any puffier but I feel even more swollen today. As always I'm trying to pinpoint where I had too much salt to eat and can only think of the chips and salsa I had for lunch yesterday with Mom.

But I know that along with swelling comes the concern for high blood pressure, something I've never had trouble with before. I'm hoping one of my faithful readers will be able to tell me...does high blood pressure make you super sleepy?

No doctor until Thurs, I guess we'll find out then!

* just wanted to come back and update to say I'm feeling better than earlier today when I wrote this. We will be at the community center tomorrow for aerobics and I can test my bp there. If it is high, don't worry I won't do aerobics!*

Friday, January 16, 2009

Things to do when it's -10 outside...

...and your Mommy is a beached whale

Stare at the white stuff we finally have on the ground and discuss with Rosie why you are not allowed to go outside and play, even though she gets to go out and pee in it. Who ever heard of 'frostbite' anyway?

Help Mommy bake cookies that she declares no one here needs to be eating

Help Mommy clean for the 1000th time, as if this place could get any cleaner.

Have Mommy paint your toenails glittery pink, even though she can't do her own and is hoping Daddy will do it for her later

And for Mommies...create a labor playlist for your Ipod, make babysitting cheat sheet for Mom's stay at our house, clean up your photo files and clean and organize diapers!

I pulled out all of the small Fuzzibunz and stripped them for Peanut, plus we got a few new ones for Tessa. Unfortunately after about 13 months of daily usage, some of her Bumgenius need to be retired due to shot elastic and velcro. When people ask what brand we prefer, that's why I usually say Fuzzibunz. The cool thing about the Bumgenius is that they are 'one size fits 5-35lb' because of the velcro adjustments...BUT we figured out it you use them daily for that long, washing them on super hot every other day, they will eventually die and the shot elastic on the leg holes will cause repeated frustrating poop explosions.

So the Fuzzibunz come in sizes so you have to buy more, but they are more durable and have snaps instead of velcro. Tessa is in the mediums with tons of room to grow, so hopefully they will last us through potty training without having to buy large.

I'm wondering if there's anywhere we can send the Bumgenius to be refurbished with new elastic and velcro, then wonder if it's really worth it at this point. We'll see. Even though we've had to buy some new ones we're still saving major $$ on diaper cost, not to mention the earth (one diaper at a time!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


**this post mentions female parts like the cervix. If that offends you, stop now**

We met with our Doula last night. It will probably be the last time we see her until the big event, but she said she might check in with us again next week. She gave me a back massage and had Jeremy rub my feet while we talked about comfort techniques. We even 'practiced' a contraction and what I will do and think during it.

She also suggested that I start doing things at home to ripen my cervix, which will help me have an easier and hopefully quicker labor. Hey that sounds good to me! You may remember I ate red cabbage 'labor salads' while pregnant with Tessa, and I had my first one last night! They really are good even if it's just a wivestale.

Paula's suggestions, which are actually not wivestales are evening primrose capsules and red raspberry leaf tea. Both of these things are apparently good for your girly parts, even when you're not pregnant. She said she suggests these things to women who also have painful periods and stuff too...who knew?

So we headed to the health food store this morning! BTW to my friends who live here locally I have to give a plug to the Country Cupboard. It's a fairly new store but they have great stuff at good prices, and the two ladies who run are super knowledgeable.

I feel like we are mostly ready for this ready as we can be. Tessa has been pointing to the pumpkin seat and bassinet and saying 'Bay-bee!". We've also been practicing kissing and hugging all of her baby dolls. She likes to offer all of her babies bites of her snacks, so we will have to be very careful when the real baby is here that she doesn't do that!

We are bracing here for a major cold front (as is alot of the country). I heard the high on Friday will be like 3 degrees, with windchill in the negative teens. Sheesh! So it's fair to say we won't be getting out much, although Mom and I are going to see Benjamin Button on Saturday. Here's hoping I can fit in the theatre seat.
My 37 week belly shot. Jeremy told me to think about the other method Paula mentioned for cervical ripening. Apparently he was expecting a sexy face....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nothin Doin'

I had my 37 wk appointment this afternoon and it's fair to say this upcoming snow storm is not the weather change that's going to bring a baby on. I am still closed and fairly high so there is nothing yet to report.

I don't know my weight gain cause I asked him not to tell me unless there was a problem :) Tessa sat nicely for the whole appointment in her stroller even though we had to wait a long time. For her good behavior she got a sucker AND a chocolate milk!

We went to aerobics today too where I have become somewhat of celebrity for the fact that I'm still there, although I'm glad there's no video of me on youtube or anything. I'm pretty sure it would be a sad sight...definitely the largest, sweatiest and slowest person at the community center.

Our doula is coming over tomorrow night for our final meeting before 'go time'! I think we will be discussing pain management techniques. Fun fun.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Comfort Food?

Jeremy went with me to the grocery store today. I normally go on my own of course but decided for the next couple weeks I could use a helper with loading and toddler wrangling.

Anyway I mentioned to him that since we should soon be packing our hospital bags we should get some snacks to take. I chose peanut butter crackers. And Jeremy... Mr. Organic, non-processed, European chocolate only, locally raised beef man who gives me a hard time for every product I bring home containing high fructose corn syrup chose the following:

I think it's cute. What can I say...sometimes you just need to have some junk food on hand.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Day Out with Mommy

Tessa and I went to the mall this morning for some walking and ended up staying around and making a whole morning of it. We went to Build a Bear and made Dorothy, pictured above. She is named that because of her red ruby slippers of course. Did Tessa need a $30 stuffed dog? Heck no, but let's consider it an impulse buy. Tessa definitely loves her shoes most of all, and her cardboard 'doghouse'.

I also managed to get in a much needed hair cut while Tessa pigged on soft pretzel sticks, which ended up being her lunch. She fell asleep and I picked up my own lunch on the way home, a buffalo chicken salad from Chili's (which I haven't had since we gave up chains in good!)

It was a nice time together, just the two of us which won't be the case much longer. Hence the splurges on Dorothy and junk food. I must have been in the spoiling mood. We did get some good walking in before the mall opened and let me just say it is way too easy for me to break a sweat nowadays! One good lap around the mall and I'm beading up big time.

Here's a couple of pics of Tessa 'helping' me put away groceries yesterday.

Yesterday at MOPS we made plates for our kiddos. I chose to make one for when she has big girl accomplishments like pottying, then she gets to eat off it.
Right now Tessa is watching The Muppet Movie (yes the same old version Jer and I watched at her age). We watched it yesterday and today she saw the case in the living room and screamed "Froggy DANCE!" until I put it in. What can I say, she has good taste.

I forgot to mention that we took the tour of Community South Hospital and have officially changed that to our hospital of choice with my doctor. It's a much smaller hospital than St. Francis but in my mind the rooms are just as nice, so it has a more intimate feel.

Unlike St. Francis, you labor, deliver and recover in the same room so you don't have to move and also the baby stays with you at all times unless something is wrong with it then it goes to the nursery. I like all of those things, plus the biggest selling point...tubs in every room! So if you're planning to visit us in the hospital, make sure to go to Community South!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Some Random Pics

A few nights ago we got to babysit our nephew David for a couple hours and Tessa got to practice being big sister. She was just as interested in his rattle as him but did a good job touching him 'easy'. She must hear that word alot cause this morning in stroller aerobics she told another toddler to be 'easy' with a ball she was smacking, he he!

And yup that's right we were at stroller aerobics and I worked up a sweat which was a great way to get rid of some swelling. I told my instructor that over the next 3 wks she can feel free to push me right into labor!

hugging 'easy'. We have to work on that idea with the dogs as well

The princess on her thrown, pondering her kingdom

Today we opened up some play-doh for the first time and she loved it! She only licked it once and it must have tasted bad cause she didn't do it again
Oh and today Tessa say 'elephant'. That's about it!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

In Case You Don't Speak Toddler

Don't be offended if a 20 month old runs up to you and squeals *F WORD!*. She's not cursing you out, just attempting to say one of the following words....rock, truck, fork or frog.

She loves to *F* (rock) on her horsey and was even singing a little song about it today.

Friday, January 02, 2009

35 wk check up

Well from now on I'll be spending alot of time at the doc's....once per week until go time. But for those who have predicted 'go time' will be soon, I'm sorry to say the doc disagrees.

I had my first internal check today (oh boy) and not only is the shop door closed, the doctor's exact words were that the baby was 'way up in Canada....I take that back, the North Pole.' haha. So Jeremy is cleared to go on one last business trip next week, then he is grounded.

Most distressing was that I've gained 11 POUNDS in the past TWO weeks. Seriously. Now I know there's been alot of Christmas eating but I'm blaming at least half of that on water weight. My hands, feet and face have been noticeably huge. So I need to watch the salt intake and elevate feet when I can. We're also going to get back to mall walking this week. I asked the doc if I should ever stop going to stroller aerobics once a week and she said 'when you deliver'. That's good cause we like stroller aerobics and our friends there, I'm just really slow.

It really sucks to have gained this much though. I'm going to have a hard way to go when this baby is delivered, ugh. We are doing a preimptive strike though by starting the weight watchers core program now. It'll be okay for me cause it really focuses on watching carbs and portion control so I'll still be able to eat as much as I need to for baby.

Lastly, per the suggestion of our doula, we are going to check out Community South Hospital tomorrow. The only difference between this hospital and the one we used before is that they have a tub available in every not for water birth, but to use during labor to ease contractions. I asked the docs this morning if they care which hospital we use and they said no. So we're going to go take a tour!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year Brunch!

Who said you have to stay up until midnight to have fun? We decided to party today instead with a big brunch. We had a couple dozen friends and family to pig out and watch the Rose parade. It was a great time, lots of kids.

At some point our 'legendary' grown up parties with wine and fancy food became kid friendly brunches with toy covered floors (although there was still wine!). Hey, roll with the changes right?

The #1 rule of having people over, they will never leave our house hungry! (and usually leave with a doggy bag)

I was trying to minimize my chins but I instead you get a picture up my nose. Oh well, another bad pic of me and Erin. I doubt a good one actually exists.

Tessa and some of her good friends watching the parade.

Rachel eating cake on the floor

The dogs helped clean up

It's too bad this pic turned out blurry....rubbing each other's tummies.