Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad Timing

We could use your prayers and good thoughts as the stomach flu seems to have picked the worst time to move into our household.

I've had it for about 24 hr now and may be on the upswing as I was able to keep down some toast and feel well enough to sit up and write this. I called my doc in the middle of the night when I couldn't even keep down liquids and he called me in some drugs that are delivered not by mouth but, well...other methods. They seem to be helping alot.

Unfortunately Tessa started throwing up a couple of hours ago, and Jer has her at the doctor's right now. He doesn't feel well either but is determined not to get it.

Hopefully we can all get better with our meds and rest up for the days ahead!


Jersey Mama said...

Oh no! Hope you get feeling better soon!

Anna said...

Uggg...Hope that you're continuing to feel better! I just prayed for you Laura and your family. Take it easy. Anna in PA