Monday, January 05, 2009

Some Random Pics

A few nights ago we got to babysit our nephew David for a couple hours and Tessa got to practice being big sister. She was just as interested in his rattle as him but did a good job touching him 'easy'. She must hear that word alot cause this morning in stroller aerobics she told another toddler to be 'easy' with a ball she was smacking, he he!

And yup that's right we were at stroller aerobics and I worked up a sweat which was a great way to get rid of some swelling. I told my instructor that over the next 3 wks she can feel free to push me right into labor!

hugging 'easy'. We have to work on that idea with the dogs as well

The princess on her thrown, pondering her kingdom

Today we opened up some play-doh for the first time and she loved it! She only licked it once and it must have tasted bad cause she didn't do it again
Oh and today Tessa say 'elephant'. That's about it!

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Stephany said...

I demand constant Tessa streaming video so I can see her cute words - just strap a helmet to your head with a camera and chase her all day - you can do that right - 8 months pregnant and then with a baby in a Bjorn? Right no problem - huh?