Wednesday, January 14, 2009


**this post mentions female parts like the cervix. If that offends you, stop now**

We met with our Doula last night. It will probably be the last time we see her until the big event, but she said she might check in with us again next week. She gave me a back massage and had Jeremy rub my feet while we talked about comfort techniques. We even 'practiced' a contraction and what I will do and think during it.

She also suggested that I start doing things at home to ripen my cervix, which will help me have an easier and hopefully quicker labor. Hey that sounds good to me! You may remember I ate red cabbage 'labor salads' while pregnant with Tessa, and I had my first one last night! They really are good even if it's just a wivestale.

Paula's suggestions, which are actually not wivestales are evening primrose capsules and red raspberry leaf tea. Both of these things are apparently good for your girly parts, even when you're not pregnant. She said she suggests these things to women who also have painful periods and stuff too...who knew?

So we headed to the health food store this morning! BTW to my friends who live here locally I have to give a plug to the Country Cupboard. It's a fairly new store but they have great stuff at good prices, and the two ladies who run are super knowledgeable.

I feel like we are mostly ready for this ready as we can be. Tessa has been pointing to the pumpkin seat and bassinet and saying 'Bay-bee!". We've also been practicing kissing and hugging all of her baby dolls. She likes to offer all of her babies bites of her snacks, so we will have to be very careful when the real baby is here that she doesn't do that!

We are bracing here for a major cold front (as is alot of the country). I heard the high on Friday will be like 3 degrees, with windchill in the negative teens. Sheesh! So it's fair to say we won't be getting out much, although Mom and I are going to see Benjamin Button on Saturday. Here's hoping I can fit in the theatre seat.
My 37 week belly shot. Jeremy told me to think about the other method Paula mentioned for cervical ripening. Apparently he was expecting a sexy face....


Terri said...

After showing your pic around school, it has been decided I should be ready to leave anytime next week!!

Anonymous said...

What did you do to your wrist?

BrookZ said...

i can only guess what comment you are making a face at, honestly who wants that at this stage in the pregnancy...sheesh. your belly looks great! i bet you are ready for go time! is the country cupboard the one on 31 in greenwood? i have been there a few times and they are really nice, i hope they stay in business! that or we need a whole foods/trader joes on the southside

Lisa said...

You look great and can I just say I feel your pain lol I am 36 weeks and HUGE lol Anyway I was wodnering could you please elaborate more on the red cabbage salad or whatever it was that you had mentioned. I am going to have to try it. I also heard that fresh pineapple can help with rippening. Although for me it gives me haert burn lol

Stephanie said...

Laura, I LOVE that you blog, I am a blogging addict (at least reading them, I'm a blogging slacker when it comes to writing mine) hope to see you Monday!

J.B. said...

Hahaha! I love it!

BTW, Benjamin Button is pretty good, but I guarantee you're gonna need to go pee during it at least two times. :P