Thursday, January 22, 2009

38 wk Checkup

Went to the doc's today to check in. Everything is looking great. Of course my blood pressure was totally normal, confirming my thoughts Monday's reading at the community center was a fluke. Doc Bowers asked me why the Doc on call didn't have me come into the office first instead of heading the hospital...and of course I wonder that myself! Oh well.

I am dilated 1cm but the baby is still high. I think it's funny that two different doctors have used the phrase 'way up in Canada'. That must be something they say alot in their office.

Doc Bowers also reviewed our birth plan and says a-okay all of our choices for natural childbirth. He's familiar with our doula as they have apparently birthed many babies together.

So we go back next Thursday unless something happens (knock on wood). If I make it to the 39 wk appt it's apparently routine for them to do a 'No Stress Test'. I guess this just means they hook me up to a fetal monitor for an hour to watch it's heartbeat. I wouldn't know...we never made it to Tessa's 39 wk appointment!

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Carrie said...

Did tons of no stress tests for Zack.... all they do is put the monitors on your belly and watch the heart beat when the baby moves. If it goes up for like 10 seconds when it moves... then the baby is ok. Zacky used to sleep every time I had one, and they would wake him up with this awful buzzer that made him jump. So make sure you go when the baby is normally awake :0)