Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Hot to Fry an Egg?

Since it reached 100* today, we thought it was time for a science experiment. We used our last two eggs and waited for a long time. Nothing really happened.

Finally after several hours we had a fried egg over medium. Now to figure out the best way to scrape it off the street.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting Artsy Again

I did "Wine and Canvas" for the third time. I'm really starting to see a trend here. Although I've only ever had one glass of's usually 'diet coke and canvas' because I have to drive home. Check out my art from January and March.

My friend Stephanie from CA stopped into town for a brief visit. I didn't have any great ideas on how to entertain her, but this was her idea. Perfect for an out of town guest! (except I have to mail her her masterpiece, but that's no big deal).

Stephanie doesn't believe in Facebook or posting her picture online. I'm pretty sure she's wanted by the FBI. But I hope you all understand that if you are my friend, you are blog fodder.

I'm a photo journalist capturing every minute detail of our lives to share with the masses. It's my JOB. Plus I wanna show off my trees.

Blank canvases

Making the trunks wasn't too hard, but adding the foliage scared me a bit. I had to make this face for a while. But then I got in the zone and let it fly. That seems to work best for me.

Halfway done. Yes these are supposed to be CA redwoods, although the artist said she had never been to CA so she wasn't sure what they actually looked like. Steph and I agreed they were good, but the fact that they are right next to a beach is questionable.

I work in a messy style. If you don't believe me, come watch me bake sometime.

My finished trees!

Steph and I with our finished masterpieces. Cool huh? I realize that I've now painted three completely different styles of trees. Next time I should shoot for flowers or a still life. Check out their calender, what looks like fun?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baking Day

My friend Stephanie from California is coming to visit tomorrow. We used to work together many moons ago and I haven't seen her in about two year. We are going to do wine and canvas, take the kids to see Cars 2 and then just.... ya know, visit!

I asked Stephanie was her favorite cookie was and she said sugar cookies cause they taste like Christmas. Geez, that's easy. So here are some sugar cookies for Steph, ready for the oven...

Yes if you come from out of town to visit, I might make you cookies. That's how I roll.

Here's the simple sugar cookie recipe I followed. I was too lazy to ice them so I rolled them in sugar for good measure.

And then I moved on to this bounty. 4 zucchinis freshly picked from the garden and grated.

Half of it went into making 4 loaves of bread. Half of those loaves will go into the freezer. The other half of the pulp was tightly wrapped in cling wrap and Ziploced for future usage.

(I learned the hard way that it must be tightly wrapped....freezer burnt zuc pulp is a sad sight).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lake Holiday

As in years past, we made it up to our family lake cabin over the 4th this year. I really think it's the best place in the world to be on the's quiet and not crowded, a great place to swim and ride the pontoon, a beautiful drive through Northern IN Amish country, and fireworks are legal.

I've been coming to this cabin ever since I can remember, so it's like a nice summertime escape to a second home. And for the most part, nothing ever changes.

With our kids, we do the same things my parents and grandparent did with us.

Eat Amish made soft pretzels at Jo Jo's in Shipshewana.
Shipshewana is an Amish town with lots of little shops and it's fair share of touristy stuff, plus the awesome general store where we get our groceries and the roadside produce stands.
And Jo Jo's...Jo Jo's is epic.

Charley didn't think the pretzels were epic (note the force feeding in the background). This was our first indication he wasn't feeling well.

Ride the carousel.

Jeremy thought his horse really needed some vanilla diet coke. Dork.

Play on the deck and visit with Gramaw.

She enjoyed watching the kids run around and play.

Be silly and play.

Sometimes I think we don't schedule enough of that at home.

Put you feet up.

Put your feet up with someone you love.

Get all dressed up to go visit Gramaw's apartment, and watch cartoons on PBS.

Eat at "Ice Cream is Happiness"....another epic establishment.

Indication number two that Charley wasn't feeling well...he didn't eat a single bite of this.

Ride the pontoon!

Our pontoon is a little under the weather, but the nice neighbors let us borrow theirs.


Eat lunch on the deck.

Serve everyone beverages!

Watch fireworks, and set off a few too.

Try your first sprinkler and get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Summertime is good.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Getting Fishy Once Again

I had to show off the fish plate that Mamaw got for us, after my first post about making a whole snapper. It's hard to tell but there's actually a whole snapper etched in glass right under the real fish. What a find!

Mom came for a summer visit and we treated her to our new specialty, plus rice and dim sum.

Tessa loved it, Charley ate rice. Pretty much a normal response for our crowd.