Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Fish

Well today was all up to Jeremy, whatever he wanted to do. I spent Mother's Day sick on the couch and honestly it wasn't so bad. For Father's Day, Jeremy wanted to...go to church, try a new flatbread restaurant afterward, take a nap, cook a whole red snapper, and play Rockband. We did all of those things!

We've never made a whole fish before, but after finding a new (or new to us?) Asian grocery store nearby, Jeremy was determined it would happen this weekend. I was a little intimidated but it turned out being super duper tasty, easy and cheap! Hello....why have we not done this before?
Jeremy had a recipe that marinated the fish in lemongrass, spicy pepper and fish sauce, then pan fried it in a little olive oil . I've watched 'Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations' often enough to know that people the world over are enjoying the same whole fish dinner, or often steamed. Steamed may have been healthier but that crispy finish was more than a little amazing.
Here's the recipe Jeremy followed.
Holy banana leaves right? He made us some sticky rice using banana leaves. But um, not THIS much. Apparently this is the smallest portion you could buy, only $2. Lookout Marcie, one of these babies is coming your way.
So dinner was super yummy and we enjoyed a nice family weekend. The kids made him these great cards at SWAP, and we bought him a pair of canvas crocs that match mine (that he had long eyeballed- yes mine are men's and yes we now have matching shoes).

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Abbie said...

I <3 your family Laura! Can you move next door?