Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Crock O' Tea

Since I wrote about my Mother's day present, a big ceramic drink crock, I've had a couple folks ask me how I make my tea in it. Well gee, that's an easy enough answer. Yes I'm writing a blog about how to make iced tea. My life is pretty exciting sometimes.

Two important ingredients, a kettle of hot water and tea bags. These are just straight up Luzianne iced tea but you could use any kind. I use four for the whole crock but hey, more or less strength is totally your call. Tie the string in a knot for easier retrieval.

When it gets all steamed up it will shout, tip me over and pour me out....Sorry, but do pour it out and into the crock along with the tea. Let it sit and steep. 5-10 min is fine, then scoop out the teabags.

Fill the rest of the crock with cold water. And some lemon if you're feeling citrusy. We prefer unsweetened tea but if you'd like sugar, I suppose now would be the time to add it. Or mint!

Utilizing the leftovers from when I made Grammie's lemon cookies.

Then I put the whole dang thing right in the fridge so it's ice cold. This crock is awesome, so much easier to refill with than a big heavy pitcher. And Jeremy is concerned about using hot liquids in the plastic pitcher anyway, so hopefully now we won't get iced tea disease or anything.

We had a cheapo sun tea container but the spigot always dripped. This was $30 but worth the extra money I drippage, ceramic and aqua marine!

So that's just straight up iced tea, but I like to do different flavors sometimes. Green and mint teas mixed together are a crowd favorite as is 'constant comment' cinnamon tea.

As I'm typing this and looking out the window I realized that I had intended to plant mint this year but never did. Wondering if it's too late now.


Anonymous said...

Ok, that is super cool! I use the big pitcher too, kind of a pain sometimes. We have that same Toy Story sippy too. :)

Jennifer W.

phasejumper said...

Too funny! I was thinking the other day that I should post about my new obsession with making sweet tea! I make a pitcher every two days, same way you do (but with Lipton, one cup sugar per pitcher, no lemon). Love that crock! (You could have called this post "What a crock!" lol)

Laura (blog author) said...

I edited it to say, you should scoop out your teabags after the 5-10 min of steeping. D'uh! Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

It's not too late to plant mint, just put it someplace it can stay contained because it will take over a flower bed. You can harvest all the mint you want from our house. It is all along the house. Becky