Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Birthday in the Garden

This past weekend was my birthday, and also Mom and Dad's house was being featured on a tour of historic homes and gardens. The proceeds went to the local historical society which helps preserve old homes and such.

So I ditched the kids with Jeremy and went down to help. My job was pretty simple. Take tickets, hand out programs, direct foot traffic and sit in the sun with my big floppy hat on. And did I mention I was kid free?...it was like vacation.

So to start here are some pics from the tour..
This is the house I grew up in, built in 1869. It's filled will all sorts of antiques, quilts, collectibles, santas and such. Much of it made by Mamaw, our resident artist.

This is the inside of the smokehouse that Dad renovated. Smoke house as in there are hooks on the ceiling where people used to smoke meat. We used to store our bikes in here when I was a kid, but then it became structurally unsafe and was closed up. I swear I think this weekend was the first time I've actually stood inside of it for 20 years. And look at it now...a little potting shed and oasis!

We had a top notch staff of helper including Ashley the lemonade girl....
Mamaw (holding a weed) and Mom, the tour guides and historians.
Myself, the ticket taker. I was cool as long as no one asked me about plant species. Dad was the smokehouse guide, but somehow managed to avoid the camera.
The tour was both Saturday and Sunday, and when it was over Jeremy brought the kids and some food for a little impromptu birthday party including mimosa cupcakes.
It was windy so I blew out my candles in the smokehouse. When I say I, I really mean Charley, Tessa, Ashley, Mark and Bob blew out my candles for me.

To match my plate, a bowl made out of old magazines!

Okay, I missed Charley a little bit.

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