Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home Improvement

It's been a little while since we've done any renovation to the dollhouse. And well, I could always use an excuse to go to Hobby Lobby.

We started by painting the kitchen. Tessa chose a nice mustard yellow and I chose the country wood slat flooring. It's scrapbook paper held down by a little rubber cement! Yes I assume it will eventually peel away...but that's just an excuse to change it up with something new right?

Then we painted the bathroom blue to match the linoleum piece that Grammie and Grampie had given us. Rapunzel like the changes. Maybe we should find a doll size bottle of shampoo for her?
So the whole left wing is done, including the bedroom I did back in January. You may notice that some of the furniture from that time has been removed and set aside, after a couple of the more delicate items fell victim to toddler playtime. Also I manged the break the wooden canopy bed which was also pretty delicate...unfortunately I can't blame a kid for that one.

So some of the wooden pieces are still around and some have been set aside for when the kids are a little older. Right now we love the plastic Fisher Price stuff.

Tessa is also fascinated by the tiny dishes and cups and stuff at Hobby Lobby. I told her some day she could have those. Someday when her brother won't stick them up his nose.

Hobby Lobby was having a 1/2 off sale on all fake floral stuff so I thought it was time to dress up the outside a bit too. I got one bundle of 1/2 off foliage, one package of mini-pots, and one package of moss. That plus some hot glue...voila, a tree!

I hot glued them to the outside of the house, so they don't get lost or eaten by a dog. Pretty snappy, I think.
The third level of the house is kind of like an attic that goes all the way across. I have no idea what to do with that area, but I want it to be something fun. I asked Tessa and she said 'kid's bedrooms'....well that's a little boring but it is her house.

So I'm soliciting idea for the 'attic' studio? science lab? dog grooming business?


Amanda said...

Maybe you could look at the dollhouses at the Children's museum for inspiration?

Personally, I like the idea of a "music room"... you could go exploring for tiny instruments and print of miniature sheet music.

There are a lot of resources online for making dollhouse furniture and other dollhouse miniatures, like food and books, etc.

erin said...

Rec Room Sister! Like a mini chucky cheese. Exactly what we all wanted when we were growing up. Skiball, stage, pool of balls and go-karts inside!! Yah!! Tim would also vote for an indoor skatepark!

Anonymous said...

My initial thought was playroom, but I kind of like the music room idea too.

Jennifer W.