Friday, June 17, 2011

The Library Made My Day

I confessed before of my irrational fear of our public library. Well not fear as much as intimidation. I'm still intimidated by the rest of the library (and more specifically the dewy decimal system)...but we've made it my goal to go visit the kid's section once a week.

Tessa is signed up for the summer reading program. You keep track of your hours of reading (or that your Mom read to you) and then win prizes. Tessa is taking this all very seriously and was super excited to go claim her first prize this morning for 5 hours read.

She got a crown and a coupon for free crazy bread from Little Ceasar's, which ended up being the kid's lunch today (along with some peaches and milk...not as unhealthy as it sounds). I've never in my life had crazy's like breadsticks on crack, rolled in garlic.

And of course 12 new books for the week.

And most excitingly, they finally had "Cars" on DVD and it wasn't checked out! We got lucky on that one. I've checked two other times and all three copies were gone. The kids have never seen it and are enjoying their afternoon movie as I type. If they are really into it, we might go see Cars 2 in theater later this summer.

I'm patting myself on the back for not buying or renting it before now, which might normally be my response. Another goal being conquered...self control and patience when it comes to kid purchases.

So a crown, lunch, 12 books and movie all for FREE. Maybe the public library's not so bad after all. Let's do it again next Friday.

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erin said...

Yeah mama! That's what I'm talking about! The library is great. They weren't lying about my maiden name being cheap!!