Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Baby Cow Tessa! We've had a fun day eventhough Tessa has what I think is her first case of the sniffles. She's doing okay, just sneezing and coughing alot, so we're going to skip the church 'harvest bash' tonight and stay home to hand out candy.

We went to MOPS and then went to Martinsville to have lunch with my old coworkers at ACA. And of course to get our money's worth out of the costume, she's been wearing it all day! Everyone agrees she is super cute, especially her tail.

Here's a little picture overload for you. You can tell from her red eyes that she's not feeling good, and got really tired of posing after a few minutes. I think it's about time to take it off and put on jammies :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Finally Caught on Tape...

In another somewhat futile attempt at capturing Tessa belly laughing at the dogs on tape, I did at least get some good footage. And finally you can hear her giggling in this one! I love how she stops like....okay Mom I'm done laughing now...

This one is kinda long but shows her playing with Rosie. Of course she was laughing her face off before I turned on the camera, oh well! This is still pretty cute, oh and look at her sitting up!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Big Girl a Swingin'

Tessa and I finally visited a park about 5 minutes away from our house...wish we would have discovered it sooner! Much nicer and quieter than the big park. We've been twice this week for walking and a little swing time.

When I was looking on the camera I found a good pic from last weekend we forgot to post. Thought I'd share...Tessa and her Mamaw on a different kind of swing!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

6 Month Stats

Hello all!
Tessa and I ventured out in the rain this morning to go visit her pediatrician for her 6 month appointment. Doctor Johnston think she's doing great and is very happy with everything. He even bragged on her 'cool' cloth diapers and said he had been telling people about them. Spread the word!

Best of all we have gone a full 6 months with no illness at all (I better knock on some wood here), not even a cold! The Doc said she could get the flu vaccine if we wanted but he wasn't really pushing it. Since she is so healthy I think we will pass (plus Jeremy has had an allergic reaction to one before so she could too)

So here are her stats:
-- 80 %tile of weight- 17.4 lbs
-- 85 %tile of height- 27 inches
-- 90 %tile of head circumference

That's right, she's tall and thin with a giant head just like her Mommy used to be (I'm still tall with a giant head)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Typical Day (at the farm)

Hi guys- Tessa here! I wanted to tell you about what I like to do when I got to visit my Mamaws in North Vernon. It is so fun!

First I like to smile and squeal at everyone. They all think I'm cute

Then I like to get hugged and cuddled by everyone....

Then I like to eat. I like the breastaurant or the food my Mommy gives me on a spoon. Today I had Mamaw Creech's mashed potatos!

Then I am so tired I have to take a nice snoozer (sometimes with Dad)...
What a perfect day!

Friday, October 19, 2007

6 Month Pictures

Happy 6 Month Birthday Tessa!

She's mostly sitting up unasssisted in these pics and even tried the big girl highchair at Chili's today!

Here's our attempt at trying to include the dogs in her 6 month pics..

We went shopping with Mom and Becky today (they are on fall break) The Christmas shopping has officially begun!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tessa Vision

By popular demand- another video. Here' proof that Tessa takes after her Mom in more ways than one, she loves to eat!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fun Weekend, More Pics

Hey everyone, Tessa here! We've had a fun weekend. Mommy's friend Blythe got married yesterday, so Friday night we all went to a pre-wedding hayride and party. I was all bundled up in my hat and sweater but it was still cold, thank goodness there was a warm fireplace. Daddy made smores while I stared at the flames, they are so cool.

Then yesterday Mommy and Daddy went away to Blythe's wedding and I stayed with Mamaw! Mommy was gone for 7 whole hours...the longest she's ever been away from me. Mommy was so excited to have grown up time, they stayed out late and drank a bunch of wine. Grown ups are weird. I don't know why they would want to go out when Mamaw and I were having such a good time....she gave me bananas, took me on a walk and brought me a sack full of new clothes. She's a pretty cool lady.

Mamaw brought me leopard print pants and a pumpkin hat- I'm now officially the cutest baby in town

Lunch time- I like avocados, bananas, sweet potatos and butternut squash...all homeade by my personal chef

I can roll around backwards nowadays, until I get backed into a corner and have to scream for help

Mommy and Blythe and the hayride party

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Zackary Alexander
Born 10/9/07
7lb, 15 oz- 19.75 inches
Tessa's new baby cousin who lives in Seattle (son of Jeremy's sister Carrie). We can't wait to meet him in December! Mommy and baby are reported to be doing well.

Seasons and Families Keep Changing

Wow this weather has been crazy. Just two days ago it hit 90 degrees here in October! Well a cold front has come through and according to the weather man it's here to stay, so it's finally Fall weather!

Tessa wanted to show off her cute fall outfit she wore to stroller aerobics this morning. There was a picture with me too but given the baseball hat and lack of makeup I decided against it :)
There's a radio station in town that has started playing Christmas music already, can you believe it? I guess it's coming sooner than we think!

Tessa has a new cousin Zachary in Seattle who was born yesterday. We're awaiting pictures- will post as soon as we get them! And I hope I'm allowed to say this but she's getting another new cousin soon too!! Yes my brother continues to add to his brood- blog regulars know our nephews Mark and Bob from their occasional pictures. Becky will be having another baby sometime around June 1st. Yay!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007


Well we were finally affected by one of these flipping toy recalls. We have these Baby Einstein blocks and when I entered our cereal number into the website ( it said remove the blue block...yes only the blue one...from our home immediately.

All I can say is..what the french, toast??

Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Videos?

I just deleted my last post with Hayden licking Tessa's face off. I didn't think it was too great so I've replaced it with a better one here. How many videos can I take of Tessa sitting in her walker and squealing at the dogs?...probably a hundred a day. You just let me know when you get tired of it ;) ....

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another Day at Our House

I was hoping to get Tessa to giggle at the dogs which she likes to do from time to time. After about 10 videos I decided this one was pretty cute anyway. Excuse the poor quality as once again this is shot on our regular camera. I don't think it's too bad but Jer insists it's horrible and warrents the purchase of a video camera for Christmas. We'll see how that goes for him.

New Blender

This is seriously an exciting day here at our house. Behold the new wonder of wonders, and I didn't even have to wait until Christmas.

**Insert angelic choral crescendo**

Is it sad that this beautiful commercial grade blender has made my week, perhaps my entire October? Perhaps but when pureeing sweet potatos yesterday with the old one it began to make the most obnoxious mechanical grinder noises and I thought for sure it was going to burst into flames and burn down the kitchen. Thank goodness for the good timing....eventhough he's in CA Jeremy new we would need a new one soon and this amazingly showed up on our doorstep this morning.