Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Baby Cow Tessa! We've had a fun day eventhough Tessa has what I think is her first case of the sniffles. She's doing okay, just sneezing and coughing alot, so we're going to skip the church 'harvest bash' tonight and stay home to hand out candy.

We went to MOPS and then went to Martinsville to have lunch with my old coworkers at ACA. And of course to get our money's worth out of the costume, she's been wearing it all day! Everyone agrees she is super cute, especially her tail.

Here's a little picture overload for you. You can tell from her red eyes that she's not feeling good, and got really tired of posing after a few minutes. I think it's about time to take it off and put on jammies :)

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BrookZ said...

she is way too cute! love the laughing video!