Saturday, May 10, 2014


One look at Tigey and you can tell he's well loved.

And that's because he is. He's a busy tiger...he goes with Charley to preschool in his backpack almost every day, and outtings around town. He sits at the dinner table and plays out in the sandbox. He often has to be put down when Charley is attempting to do things like brush his teeth with only one hand.

A couple of weeks ago Tigey even got his kindergarten shots including a band-aid. This past week he got dragged along on an outdoor field trip and nature hike with the preschoolers of GCA.

He's been on airplanes, in cars, and ridden the boat at the lake. He's been lost a few times, but never for long. He's been in the washing machine many many times. He's been both puked and sneezed on.

He's never far from Charley. Tigey is his best pal.