Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014 Pumpkin Pictures

Every October we go down and see our pumpkin man in Morgan County. Not a pumpkin patch or anything fancy, just a farmer with an honor box and a beautiful yard full of pumpkins.

It's the only time we ever do a 'photo shoot' and pose the kids. Then the awesome part is look at all their pumpkin pictures through the years and watching them grow.

I have to say, I think that this year's crop of pics are the best we've ever gotten. We hit the lighting just at the perfect time.

Happy Autumn everyone! 

Pumpkin Retrospective '14, bigger and more orangey

 Age 18 months

 Age 2

 Age 3

 Age 4 
(couldn't find a solo shot from her that year but it was a weird year. I was still unable to walk)

 Age 5

 Age 6

 Age 7

 Age 9 months

 Age 21 months

 Age 2

 Age 3

Age 4

 Age 5

Group Shots


 (I was still non-weight bearing on my boot at this point so how I got over into the picture was a big feat indeed)