Monday, October 23, 2006

The Little Life

With all of the buying and registering- I think it's time to update on how Bambino (Bam Bam) is doing. Check this out:

Cool huh?

Registered Already!

Well yes it's early- but yesterday we had 2 hrs to waste between church and a movie (Man of the Year) and decided to knock it out while everything was fresh in our we are now registered at Babies R Us!

You can check it out at, enter Laura Bennington or Jeremy Bennington to access our list.

Apparently we did well. Our registery was only 7 pages and our helper noted that most folks have about 15 pages. I don't know why- we registered for absolutely everything we need and somethings we maybe don't. But also we didn't register for any clothes or toys- figured that's more of an individual gift- where the relatives get to buy whatever's cute!

There are a few items missing cause we couldn't decide. So my question to you experienced people. Do we really need:
--- An electric bottle warmer? Why not use microwave or hot water on the stove? Since I will be breast feeding we won't be making bottles all the time-- but for when Bambino and I are seperated and need bottles we need this?

--- A swing? We registered for a bouncy seat and already have a walker from Baby we need a swing too? They're so big..but is it something really needed?

--- Rain covers for car seats and strollers? Why not just throw a blanky over them?...not water proof I guess. Another thing they are trying to sell us?

Now you may have noticed we didn't register for a diaper geanie or anything in that arena. Well that's cause we're sadistic hippies and we're going to do cloth diapers- woo hoo! It's not as awful as it sound. Check out this website- we will likely be registered here later on as well:

Ciao- Hope all are having a good start to the week....and keep your fingers crossed for Our Town Players and our 9 nominations up for tonight's Encore Association Awards. Going to be SO fun- wish I didn't have to be the DD :(

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A little bump!

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13 Weeks Belly Shot
No I'm not carrying another baby in my butt or chin- that was already there. But the bump in the front is new!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Moving right along..

...does that title make you sing the Kermit song? Me too!

Well things are going swimmingly. Here I was ready to celebrate week 13, the start of 2nd trimester...but my pregnancy book told me that the 2nd trimester doesn't officially start until week 14. Poo!

Well regardless, still feeling alot better than I was about 2 months ago and starting to show just a little (although some might mistake it for fat). My only trouble now is lower back pain- but checking in with doc about that today.

Over the weekend we saw Loretta Lynn in concert, she was fantastic. I've always loved her since Coalminer's Daughter is one of my fave movies- but she was so entertaining in person too- very funny!

We also got inducted into our church as 'new members'...yay! After 18 months we have finally found a new church home in Greenwood. When we introduced ourselves onstage Jeremy said- we're happy we found a place to raise 'our Bam Bam'...and I'm pretty sure 75% of the congregation didn't know what he was talking about. Oh well!

So at the closing week of Trimester- how am I doing on my 1st Trimester goals?
-- Well as of yesterday still only gained 5lbs- yay! Although I noticed my first stretch mark on my belly- so it's safe to say all 5lbs were in the same place!

-- No I have not thrown up once, nor have I taken a nap at work. There were two occasions I left work early cause I felt crappy...but that's okay.

-- And the one I failed- I HAVE started wearing my maternity pants! Thanks to mom being on Weight Watchers I've gained a whole 2nd wardrobe of bigger clothes- so that has helped. But without her clothes and my new maternity pants, it's safe to say I would have to come naked to very few of my old pants still button.

So 2 outta 3 ain't bad!

***And now for the question that I get asked at least twice a day- will you find out the sex or no. And I need help- please offer opinions cause we CAN'T DECIDE. What do you guys think- is it a good idea? is it more of an exciting surprise to wait or just added stress?

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on this issue***

Monday, October 09, 2006

Our 1st Trip to Babies R Us!

Well we finally did it- we finally stepped into the hallowed halls of the Babies R Us infant superstore to take stock of all the things we will need!

Being anal and organized like we are- Jeremy was armed with a prinout from Consumer Reports on baby item ratings, and I had the printed list we downloaded on everything you need (sure to distinguish need from want). No we didn't register yet- just getting an idea. I wrote down alot of brands and prices on my list to keep it all straight.

But we didn't leave the store empty handed! Our big purchase was a travel system (car seat/carrier, stroller thing). I was very particular about what I wanted- if we HAD to get a travel system (which apparently you have to do because very few strollers fit infants without the added carrier) then I wanted a small one, easy to compact and easy to travel with...especially through airports!

Well we found a perfect one!:

And since this particular model of Combi stroller is being discontinued (and got good ratings on our CR printout)...we got it! Yay! It only weighs 10lb- and can be compacted and carried over your shoulder.

Is it sad that I'm getting this excited about a stroller? Maybe.

We also got a "Zanizibar" mobile to match our palm tree nursery room. It has cute jungle animals. Buying a whole nusery full of this stuff would be expensive and maybe a little cheesy- but I think a few jungle animals here and there will look awesome with our palm tree mural. Cute huh?

We picked out alot of stuff we like and decided it's not so overwhelming after all. If we stick to basics and don't go baby crazy the list of things we need is not so bad. And fun too- lots of cute things!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Early Morning ER Visit - Everything is OK!

Early morning ER

I think Jeremy told this story best in the email he sent out to family this afternoon- so I'm just copying and pasting. But from me- I'd like to say thanks to the staff at St. Francis! I was expecting the worst at the ER but we were treated SO well...eventhough we were there for 4.5 hrs...comes with the territory I guess!

...yup that's it's little head up in the upper right hand corner...

Hello everyone. I hope you are well, Laura and I have some pictures to share and a thrilling story. Bam-Bam (our name for the baby) decided bring some drama to our lives this morning.Following some more unwelcomed spotting, we called the doctor this morning who suggested we go to the ER. While she noted that she might need another Rhogham injection (for the RH negative blood)- she wanted to be on the safe side in case anything was seriously wrong.

So, Laura and I got an unexpected introduction to St. Francis Hospital this morning as we checked into their ER. I have to say that their staff was excellent. We were seen right way and the ER doc was excellent as well. They did an ultrasound immediately and by God's grace we saw a healthy baby dancing around inside Laura. With the baby healthy and a prayer with Pastor Gary our fears were diminished. We continued to be concerned about the spotting and several hours later they were able to determine that Laura needed another injection of Rhogam. For a positive person, her blood sure is negative! :)

Thank you for your continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby. A special thank you to Pastor Gary who came to see us this morning despite it being a busy Sunday. This morning we are so thankful to have found a church that feels like home and is supportive.

God's grace is abundant, in fact he has given us a glimpse at Bam-Bam (see attached!!)


Jeremy & Laura