Sunday, October 01, 2006

Early Morning ER Visit - Everything is OK!

Early morning ER

I think Jeremy told this story best in the email he sent out to family this afternoon- so I'm just copying and pasting. But from me- I'd like to say thanks to the staff at St. Francis! I was expecting the worst at the ER but we were treated SO well...eventhough we were there for 4.5 hrs...comes with the territory I guess!

...yup that's it's little head up in the upper right hand corner...

Hello everyone. I hope you are well, Laura and I have some pictures to share and a thrilling story. Bam-Bam (our name for the baby) decided bring some drama to our lives this morning.Following some more unwelcomed spotting, we called the doctor this morning who suggested we go to the ER. While she noted that she might need another Rhogham injection (for the RH negative blood)- she wanted to be on the safe side in case anything was seriously wrong.

So, Laura and I got an unexpected introduction to St. Francis Hospital this morning as we checked into their ER. I have to say that their staff was excellent. We were seen right way and the ER doc was excellent as well. They did an ultrasound immediately and by God's grace we saw a healthy baby dancing around inside Laura. With the baby healthy and a prayer with Pastor Gary our fears were diminished. We continued to be concerned about the spotting and several hours later they were able to determine that Laura needed another injection of Rhogam. For a positive person, her blood sure is negative! :)

Thank you for your continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby. A special thank you to Pastor Gary who came to see us this morning despite it being a busy Sunday. This morning we are so thankful to have found a church that feels like home and is supportive.

God's grace is abundant, in fact he has given us a glimpse at Bam-Bam (see attached!!)


Jeremy & Laura

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Thor said...

Hi Jermey and Laura... I was just checking myspace and saw your bulletin... I'm really excited for you guys and I noticed that you are due on the 24 of April... THAT IS AWESOME!!! I was born on the 22... I wish you guys lived closer... it would awesome to see you guys again, I really miss Donkey Konga... well, I've got to go, so I'll talk to you later...