Monday, October 16, 2006

Moving right along..

...does that title make you sing the Kermit song? Me too!

Well things are going swimmingly. Here I was ready to celebrate week 13, the start of 2nd trimester...but my pregnancy book told me that the 2nd trimester doesn't officially start until week 14. Poo!

Well regardless, still feeling alot better than I was about 2 months ago and starting to show just a little (although some might mistake it for fat). My only trouble now is lower back pain- but checking in with doc about that today.

Over the weekend we saw Loretta Lynn in concert, she was fantastic. I've always loved her since Coalminer's Daughter is one of my fave movies- but she was so entertaining in person too- very funny!

We also got inducted into our church as 'new members'...yay! After 18 months we have finally found a new church home in Greenwood. When we introduced ourselves onstage Jeremy said- we're happy we found a place to raise 'our Bam Bam'...and I'm pretty sure 75% of the congregation didn't know what he was talking about. Oh well!

So at the closing week of Trimester- how am I doing on my 1st Trimester goals?
-- Well as of yesterday still only gained 5lbs- yay! Although I noticed my first stretch mark on my belly- so it's safe to say all 5lbs were in the same place!

-- No I have not thrown up once, nor have I taken a nap at work. There were two occasions I left work early cause I felt crappy...but that's okay.

-- And the one I failed- I HAVE started wearing my maternity pants! Thanks to mom being on Weight Watchers I've gained a whole 2nd wardrobe of bigger clothes- so that has helped. But without her clothes and my new maternity pants, it's safe to say I would have to come naked to very few of my old pants still button.

So 2 outta 3 ain't bad!

***And now for the question that I get asked at least twice a day- will you find out the sex or no. And I need help- please offer opinions cause we CAN'T DECIDE. What do you guys think- is it a good idea? is it more of an exciting surprise to wait or just added stress?

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on this issue***


Becky Grider said...

I think you should find out with your first one for several reasons. First of all, it definitely helps with bonding because you can call it he or she instead of IT and get more of a sense of mother/child relationship. It also helps when people are buying you gifts because you'll receive outfits for a boy or girl instead of the unisex green/yellow outfits therefore making for a much better wardrobe for baby! And if you think it'll ruin the surprise in the delivery room, it doesn't! If you know or not, you will still be so surprised when the baby comes and will fall in love immediately! That's my two cents!

Jacqueline Knotts said...

I'd have to agree with the previous post. Here's my two cents as well..

Knowing the sex makes it a lot easier in the wardrobe department, and I really DID bond with my little boy in a new way after the "big" ultrasound. It made picking the name easier as well.

I didn't feel like I was cheated out of a surprise in the delivery room either. I was just so amazed that this actual human being was now here... that he looked like his daddy... and that I loved him more than I ever thought possible!!

Here's one idea for you to preserve a bit of a surprise for your families. We kept the name a secret until he was born. Since we knew the sex, and Marcus couldn't make the "It's a boy!" calls to family, he got to announce his name instead. I really liked that.

Just my opinion. I'm glad I found out early!! :) Good luck deciding!

LauraB said...

Thanks for the advice girls!

Yes we have agreed whether we know sex or not we are not sharing the name until the very end. I like the idea of their name 'debuting' along with them.

It's hard not to spill cause I love the names we've picked- but we've got their whole lives to call them that right?

Thanks for the advice!!!

:) LB

Maggie Lelak said...

I never wanted to know the sex of the baby. I thought not knowing would help me through delivery...being very determined to see just "who" was going to come out. I wanted all of my pregnancy experiences to be worth the wait. But, my husband (being an engineer) couldn't understand why I wouldn't want to know so everything could be ready and waiting (room, clothes, name, etc.). Then it came time for the ultrasound. It ended up being a game time decision. Once I got in there and saw the little one, I had a change of heart (plus I knew chris really wanted to know) and wanted to know. So, I was a little upset that the technician was only 85% sure it was a girl. Every bone in my body felt like it was a boy (according to websites about gender prediction I had almost every "boy" symptom).

I decided in the exam room that knowing the sex would be okay because i could say at delivery, I waited this whole time to see who you'd be.

After the ultrasound I had a hard time "talking" to Kelby. I felt like if it were a boy in the end, and I had been calling him Kelby all along, I'd be pretty upset about it.

We had picked a girls name early, but didn't have a boys name right up to the minute Kelby popped out. I'm not sure what we would have named a boy. My husband liked Virgil Christopher and I liked Dane Christopher.

My new doctor (we moved during my third trimester to a new state) thought it would be a boy too, so we went into delivery with two sets of hospital bands, blue and pink! When the baby was born the doctor shouted, "well, it's 100% girl!"

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I felt in my bones it was a girl. Somehow I just knew. So, I started talking to her using her name. It was very exciting at delivery wondering what and who Kelby was going to look like.

I'm not sure if I'll find out the sex of the next baby or not. I have a few years to make up my mind on that one!