Monday, October 09, 2006

Our 1st Trip to Babies R Us!

Well we finally did it- we finally stepped into the hallowed halls of the Babies R Us infant superstore to take stock of all the things we will need!

Being anal and organized like we are- Jeremy was armed with a prinout from Consumer Reports on baby item ratings, and I had the printed list we downloaded on everything you need (sure to distinguish need from want). No we didn't register yet- just getting an idea. I wrote down alot of brands and prices on my list to keep it all straight.

But we didn't leave the store empty handed! Our big purchase was a travel system (car seat/carrier, stroller thing). I was very particular about what I wanted- if we HAD to get a travel system (which apparently you have to do because very few strollers fit infants without the added carrier) then I wanted a small one, easy to compact and easy to travel with...especially through airports!

Well we found a perfect one!:

And since this particular model of Combi stroller is being discontinued (and got good ratings on our CR printout)...we got it! Yay! It only weighs 10lb- and can be compacted and carried over your shoulder.

Is it sad that I'm getting this excited about a stroller? Maybe.

We also got a "Zanizibar" mobile to match our palm tree nursery room. It has cute jungle animals. Buying a whole nusery full of this stuff would be expensive and maybe a little cheesy- but I think a few jungle animals here and there will look awesome with our palm tree mural. Cute huh?

We picked out alot of stuff we like and decided it's not so overwhelming after all. If we stick to basics and don't go baby crazy the list of things we need is not so bad. And fun too- lots of cute things!

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phasejumper said...

My first visit to babies R Us, I had a meltdown in the stroller aisle. I actually left the store and didn't come back until my friend from work (who had to kids) took me.