Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mealtime Pics

Now that the camera is back home I had to capture some of this cuteness. Tessa is loving her avocados and is eating more and more every day. She's really getting the hang of this eating thing!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tessa's First Meal

...well first meal not at the 'breastaraunt'.

That's right- Tessa is officially eating! After research I decided to forgo the rice cereal (it can cause alot of constipation, colick, etc) and go for veggies and fruits.

So today I got the highchair out of storage, broke out some never used bibs and our new baby spoons and Tessa has some pureed avocados for lunch. Avocados are really nutritious and bland and a first food that alot of folks recommend. She loved it! She would have kept eating had I not cut her off, and I think she was equally as interested in gnawing on the spoon as actually eating.

So she gets avocados this week and sweet potatoes next week (assuming I get a new blender that can actually handle sweet potatoes without catching fire....hint hint Jeremy :)

Sorry no pictures- Jeremy still has the camera in Canada. I'll get some soon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tessa goes International

Tessa made her first international trip this weekend, well if Canada counts as international. Jeremy is in Ottawa for business this week so we joined him for a long weekend. What a beautiful city! We walked around and saw the sights, took a river boat tour, and ate good food (note to self- babies who like to scream and squeal with joy shouldn't be taken into romantic style restaurants).

Tessa and I travelled back by ourselves yesterday which made for a long day but was not bad at all. We of course spent many more hours in airports than on planes! Yes Tess had to get a baby passport with a tiny passport photo- so cute! And the funny thing is that it lasts until she's 5 years old.

We're all very tired today but getting back to normal. The dogs were very happy to be picked up at 'doggy jail' this morning!

Fun with the hotel crib

We forgot to take Flat Stanley sightseeing with us so our pics for Room 42 included some 'Fat Baby' shots instead

Showing off some of her fall clothes!
This COULD be a good pic- anyone know how to Photoshop my eyes open?


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Ducky Pics

Yes I realize that I have been pretty bad about keeping up on the Ducky pics....Oops! I will try to do better in the future. But for some perspective here' a look back you might enjoy...

Tessa with Ducky 1 week

5 weeks

And taken today at 5 Months! Can you tell who's teething?

5 Month Photo Shoot

Well now that Tessa is 5 months old (can you believe it!) we had to get some official 5 month photos, again foregoing the expense of a real photographer. The pink dress is actually my baptism dress from when I was a baby. Enjoy!

Tessa and I attended our first MOPS meeting this morning, which just restarted with the school year. It was really cool, there were alot of ladies that I already knew from church. Today was just an introduction to the group and some crafty things. Tessa hung with some of her baby friends in the church nursery. Click here to read more about MOPS International.

You can see the main reason Tessa doesn't wear many dresses- they end up in her mouth!
By the time we got to this outfit it was meltdown time....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cry It Out- Night #4

With Tessa's recent sleep occassional sleep issues (ocassional meaning sometimes she sleeps through the night, and sometimes she wakes up 5 times!) we decided to pick a bedtime strategy and go with it for consistency.

We know she will wake up between 3-4:30 hungry for a feeding, that's just a fact. We also know that if she wakes up and fusses before that that she's almost never hungry...just awake and unhappy, usually chewing on her hand because her paci has fallen out and she wants it back.

So our new strategy is this. If she wakes up and starts to fuss we let her cry for 2 minutes (the idea is then build up to 4 min, 6 min, 8...). When we do have to go tend to her we will NOT get her out of her crib unless it's a dire situation. We rub her tummy, plug in her paci and sing to her.

And guess what- it's working! The first night she wimpered herself back to sleep the third time she woke up- before her two minutes was up. In the two nights since she has been doing well- a couple times she's needed tending to and a couple of times she's cried herself back to sleep. Yay!

I've tried to implement the same technique at nap time and have decided it's really best for her to nap in her crib if possible (instead of in the swing, carseat, pack n' play or on the couch) because she sleeps longer. Twice this week she's taken a 2+ hr nap and you know what?...on those days she's super happy and not fussing much. nappy baby = happy baby....why did it take us so long to figure this out?

Tessa also watched her first Baby Einstein this week. She was mesmorized by it- it's like baby crack! I don't want her to watch it too much but I think we will start to add it in once in a while. And maybe it will make her a genius...who knows.

Sorry no pics. I should have gotten one of her yesterday in her hoody sweatshirt. Fall is here!

Signs You Might be a Country Boy...

Monday, September 10, 2007


...I stepped on the scale this morning and the baby weight is officially gone! I now weigh what I weighed at my first doctor's appointment last August. It sure took long enough!

As you can see I've got a long way to go still but that's all my fault, I can no longer blame Tessa for it :) I've been going to the Thurs morning WW meeting faithfully every week and there are quite a few ladies who look forward to seeing Tessa and fussing over her. I think doing WW while nursing makes it alot easier as I get 10 extra points (about 500 calories) above the average member, so I really can't complain. So I'd like to use that to my advantage and get off as much weight as I can while still nursing.

Now I don't feel so bad about skipping stroller aerobics this morning. Tessa had a rough night last night so we just didn't make it! She was chomping her hands pretty hard yesterday so I think it's her teeth. I gave her some teething drops this morning now of course she's snoozing away. I guess it would be smart to sneak a nap while the moment is opportune.

Just had to brag :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

New Toys

Just thought we'd show off a couple of things. Here is Jeremy's birthday present. A charcoal grill that is also a smoker. We have a gas grill too but I think it will be abandoned for a while so Jeremy can play with this one. We had smoked salmon for dinner- very tasty!

And look what Tessa and I picked up today at a garage sale for only $1! It was calling my name, just needs a little pedal repair.

Snuggle time with the fam...just missing Mommy!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Hey guys- Tessa here. Did y'all (yes I can say that- I am an Indiana kid after all) know that there's another labor day aside from the one where I came out of Mommy? Well Mommy was sick most of the weekend but feeling better today so we went out visiting.

Daddy helped Uncle Andy and Papaw rebuild a deck, but I just sat and watched. Daddy said that makes me a Supervisor.

I've been busy growing teeth and trying to put anything and everything in my mouth. The other day I even had a good grip on Hayden's tail and decided to give it a taste....not so good. Mommy says I've been a good girl about not waking up too much at night.

Also I am now wearing 3-6 month clothes. Can you believe I am that big? Alot of my 0-3s still fit me but Mommy had to start a storage thingy for the ones that don't. That makes Mommy sad, not sure why...she's crazy.

On Friday I spent the evening over at Auntie Erin's house and she took good care of me. Mommy and Daddy went on a date to a fancy restaurant and Mommy drank too much wine and was funny. So I had to eat some pumped milk from a bottle- yuck! I hate that stinky plastic thing.

Are you impressed with my grammar skills?
Ciao~ Tessa Vanessa Superbaby
aka Muffin Head, Muffin Cake, Sugar Booger, Lil' Miss or Principessa Poopypant