Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tessa goes International

Tessa made her first international trip this weekend, well if Canada counts as international. Jeremy is in Ottawa for business this week so we joined him for a long weekend. What a beautiful city! We walked around and saw the sights, took a river boat tour, and ate good food (note to self- babies who like to scream and squeal with joy shouldn't be taken into romantic style restaurants).

Tessa and I travelled back by ourselves yesterday which made for a long day but was not bad at all. We of course spent many more hours in airports than on planes! Yes Tess had to get a baby passport with a tiny passport photo- so cute! And the funny thing is that it lasts until she's 5 years old.

We're all very tired today but getting back to normal. The dogs were very happy to be picked up at 'doggy jail' this morning!

Fun with the hotel crib

We forgot to take Flat Stanley sightseeing with us so our pics for Room 42 included some 'Fat Baby' shots instead

Showing off some of her fall clothes!
This COULD be a good pic- anyone know how to Photoshop my eyes open?


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Stephany said...

Oh my gosh how fun - you go little international traveler you! Glad you guys had a great time up in Canada - Eh.