Wednesday, September 19, 2007

5 Month Photo Shoot

Well now that Tessa is 5 months old (can you believe it!) we had to get some official 5 month photos, again foregoing the expense of a real photographer. The pink dress is actually my baptism dress from when I was a baby. Enjoy!

Tessa and I attended our first MOPS meeting this morning, which just restarted with the school year. It was really cool, there were alot of ladies that I already knew from church. Today was just an introduction to the group and some crafty things. Tessa hung with some of her baby friends in the church nursery. Click here to read more about MOPS International.

You can see the main reason Tessa doesn't wear many dresses- they end up in her mouth!
By the time we got to this outfit it was meltdown time....

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