Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tessa's First Meal

...well first meal not at the 'breastaraunt'.

That's right- Tessa is officially eating! After research I decided to forgo the rice cereal (it can cause alot of constipation, colick, etc) and go for veggies and fruits.

So today I got the highchair out of storage, broke out some never used bibs and our new baby spoons and Tessa has some pureed avocados for lunch. Avocados are really nutritious and bland and a first food that alot of folks recommend. She loved it! She would have kept eating had I not cut her off, and I think she was equally as interested in gnawing on the spoon as actually eating.

So she gets avocados this week and sweet potatoes next week (assuming I get a new blender that can actually handle sweet potatoes without catching fire....hint hint Jeremy :)

Sorry no pictures- Jeremy still has the camera in Canada. I'll get some soon!

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BrookZ said...

you have inspired me! i think i am going to do the homemade food too! any tips or advice shoot my way! :) hmmmm wonder if it would be easier on the wallet to make our own dog food too...zeke sure eats a lot and he is picky- he likes lamb and anchovy and salmon food!!