Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eva's Wedding

We had so much fun last night at my cousin Eva Marie's wedding. It was at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indy and was totally gorgeous. We debated over whether to take the kids but decided it best for us to have a grown ups night and left them with Blythe. It was the first time Jer and I had been out without kids since our trip to Rome last September, and I probably said that about 120 times because I was so excited!

There was lots of singing and dancing, especially because Eva and Scott are PMO alum like ourselves. We ate drank and socialized and it was alot of fun. Had it not been for a hungry Charley back home I think we would have closed the place down.

When I got lonesome for a kiddo I just borrowed David from time to time. I think he got a little freaked out by the dance floor though.

Eva was stunning of course!

Dad would only slow dance, but don't worry Mom still held her own on the dance floor. It's always fun to see teachers letting lose and having a drink at the end of the school year!

Our first course of dinner and that's soup with a teeny tiny spoon, so cool! Jeremy was the first at our table to ditch the spoon and just shoot it.

Gramaw, Aunt Amy and Eva Marie
Jeremy doing what he does best, peddling alcohol

hubba hubba
My borrowed baby and occasional dance partner

the beautiful bride and her voluptuous cousin
I tried to keep things moving on the dance floor in an effort to burn calories

PMO smiles, a requirement for the program and something that doesn't seem to wear off over time

Jeremy introduced Mark to Shirley Temples from the bar and I think he had about 74 of them

Our new outfits and new fancy shoes. Mine are the turqouis sandals on the right, only $19.99 at Payless!

It was truly a beautiful wedding!

Overdo Update

I realize that I haven't blogged in a week and thought I should update before people start calling to make sure we're okay. I guess there hasn't been much going on this week except the anticipation of Eva's wedding which was last night....more about that later!

Jer was out of town all week so the kids and I stayed busy doing our normal thing. Starting tomorrow we are on potty training lockdown, meaning we're not going anywhere all week, not even exercise class and not wearing diapers. Tessa will undoubtedly pee on the floor but given the current state of our carpets, I'm not sure anyone would notice. We'll steam clean when potty training is done. Wish us luck! She's pottied after dinner every night this week and gets really excited cause she knows she gets an M&M. So I think it's time to start. If we fail it's okay, she's still young.

Knowing that we'll be on lockdown we did lots of fun stuff this week like the park, children's museum and going out to breakfast, anticipating Mommy's upcoming cabin fever. I also made sure we are stocked on lots of art projects and of course there's the pool.

We also made pizzas, which we'll have to do again while on lockdown, cause Tessa loved it. I had to take the can of sauce away from her because our pizzas were a little drenched (note to self- next time pre-portion the sauce), and when I put them in the oven to cook she got very mad. Waiting for food to cook, a hard concept when you're two.

Charley turned 4 months old this week and I had every intent of doing a 4 month photo shoot but it just didn't happen. Don't worry it will! Charley has also had an ongoing wet cough for the past four days or so and I'm thinking of breaking lockdown to take him to the docs. He doesn't have any other symptoms, just a cough, and he's not fussy. The poor guy keeps coughing while he's nursing and throwing up, which is no fun for anyone.

We left Charley (and Tessa) with Blythe last night, his first time with a sitter and it was for a full 6.5 hours! He took a bit of a bottle and gave up and went to sleep, according to Blythe, but was happy to latch onto the tap when I got home. I'm just happy that he didn't give her too hard of a time, because maybe that means more dates in our future.

I think I also forgot to mention his newest accomplishment, rolling from tummy to back!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Of course Memorial Day weekend in Indy is all about the 500! Jer and I went a few times but now that there are babies to deal with it's become a boy thing, while Mom and I stay back to shop and lunch. So on Sunday they went racing and we went shopping. I had to get an outfit for Eva's wedding and although I still feel huge I was happy that I had moved down a size since the last time I bought clothes, woo-hoo!

The boys had a good race and we had fun hanging out with Mom and Dad. In an effort to be the biggest nerd at the race, Jeremy outdid himself this year by packing a baguette with brie and cranberry chutney, and a leather-bound flask of Maker's Mark...while the rest of the world is noshing on hot dogs and Bud Light. I challenge him to create a more outlandish sandwich each year, I know he can be even more creative!

Mom and Dad also brought Tessa her new pool. I swear I looked all over town and couldn't find an old fashioned plastic pool. They were all inflatable or pop up, and since Rosie punctured our inflatable one within 30 min last summer, I figured that wasn't a good idea. Mom and Dad found one in North Vernon. Both kids LOVED swimming...I have a feeling that's what we'll be doing all summer.

Jer and I had high hopes of doing something outdoorsy with our Memorial Day but alas it's been raining cats and dogs all day so we watched movies and did laundry, which was pretty nice too.

Cousin Bill, Jeremy, Brother Andy and Dad off to the races. Is it just me or does Andy always look confused in maybe he doesn't know what the camera does :)

Tessa excited over her new pool. We didn't fill it up the first night so she took it upon herself to find a bucket of rainwater and dump it in.

Swimming on Sunday. Charley sat in there for a long time, just splashing his little toes and watching Tessa.
That's chocolate milk on her chin in case you're wondering...

Tired after a long weekend...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Weeekend, Another Party

This time for our nephew David who turned 1 year old! It sure is nice to get out of the burbs from time to time and go enjoy the fresh air and dirt of the country.

Here's a photo recap. Happy Grandparents

The birthday boy checking out his loot and cake.
And walking!

Charley got to go in a real swing for the first time. I swung him for a long time, until he started to doze off.

The kids had squirt guns and it took Tessa no time at all to figure it out. I think squirt guns are her new favorite thing, although she was really frustrated when she couldn't drink out of the back like the big kids.

You can see she wasn't scared of getting squirted...she was right in there with them! By the time we left her hair was dripping.

I love this pic because you can tell all of the adults are pointing to the yard and telling Tessa to go squirt the other kids, haha.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Tall Drink of Water...and Milk

Today we had Charley's 4 month appointment. He is a big healthy guy!
16lb- 75th %tile
26in- 90th %tile
17cm head- 90th %tile

The doc suggested some Aveeno cream for his super dry flaky skin, he got shots and that's it. Tessa was actually just as upset about his shots as he was. She kept say 'it's okay baby!'.

For such a short appointment we were still there for an hour and forty minutes, bleck. Tessa did a really great job behaving and playing during that time. So on the way home we rewarded ourselves with Starbucks. Tessa got a caramel macchiato....okay she got a kid's size milk.

The main thing I chatted with the doc about was the fact that our insurance company has decided to only pay for 9 well checks before the age of 3, whereas both our doc's office and the Association of Pediatrics has a standard of 11 well checks (1 week, 1 month, 2,4,6,9,12,15,18,24 and 36 months).

Anyway they said they won't pay for Tessa's 24 or 36 month checks because we hit the limit. Doc was honked off because the AAP tells all docs to have a standard 11....but there are two of those where they don't get injections. I guess those are the two we were supposed to skip, but they waited until now to tell us. Anyway, doctor and insurance are going to figure it out I guess.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Product Endorsements

We were out today and swung past the Country Nutrition store where we picked up a few favorites, including...

Spinach bites...basically like a potato cake with lots of spinach. They are super tasty. I had to keep myself from eating all of Tessa's and she loved them too. I wonder if I could make such a thing myself and freeze them, hmmm. But then I guess they wouldn't be shaped like stars and bears.

QB's (I have no idea what that stands for), pretty much the best thing ever. They are basically rice krispie treats filled with ice cream. What a great idea and only 3 WW points! I can only find them at the health food store here in town (the whole reason we went actually) but I suspect they are also available at places like Whole Foods.

Per suggestion of my friend Traci, yesterday we went to the teacher store to look for activity books for 2 years old. Everything else I had found were for 3 and up. Let me just say the teacher store (United Education I think it's called) is very cool and apparently not just for teachers. They had tons of books, toys and art stuff. I swear between that place and the toy prices at Buy Buy Baby, I'm never shopping at Target again. Okay well maybe that's a little drastic.

Anyway I found these cool workbooks for two year olds. They are super basic. We bought three "I can" books...fold, cut and trace. She hasn't tried them yet, so I will report back!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Honorary 4th Graders

Hi everyone, this is Tessa. Since I spent the day in 4th grade I'm feeling super smart and thought I should write my own blog tonight (even though technically I went to bed 2 hrs ago, ahem)

Today Mommy took me to Mamaw's school where she has a big room full of kids and toys. What a cool place to hang out. I even got to eat lunch where they have this strange kind of brown milk that only Mamaw gives me. I got to teach the class for a while where I taught them everything I to sing, dance around, draw with crayons and dirty your diaper. Ya know, the important stuff
They were such good students that after I taught I gave them each a hug.
I even taught my brother. Babies don't know much.
I was snoozy after lunch so we laid on the bean bag and read a story with Mamaw. Charley was looking at Mommy upside down.

4th graders have lots of cool toys like Snoopy and pianos that play music. I loved recess the most, but there are no pictures of that. The playground is alot like going to the park, but with an entourage of 4th graders all vying to hold your hand!

Then Mamaw gave me cookies and juice!
I don't see what's so hard about 4th grade, seems like alot of fun to me. Maybe next week I'll take a class in Papaw's high school, or just head on up to Purdue.