Monday, May 04, 2009


Two cool sign ups this week. Believe it or not, Jeremy and I registered to participate in the 2010 Indy 500 Mini-Marathon. That's right we are going to (presumably) walk 13.1 miles, and the final leg goes around the Indy motor speedway!

I've never entered any kind of walk/run event so I guess there's a first for everything. But it's our fitness goal and we have a year to prepare. They started registrations for next year's (it's in May- kick off to the 500 festivities) this week so I went ahead and signed us up and paid so we're committed and if we don't do it, we'll be out $100!

I'm also planning to register Tessa for her first swim lessons in July at our community pool. The stinky part of that is that since she's under 4 years old I have to don a swimsuit and get in with her, ugh. I think she'll really love it though.

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Stephanie said...

I"m signing Jack up too, I wonder if we can get into the same class?