Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Weeekend, Another Party

This time for our nephew David who turned 1 year old! It sure is nice to get out of the burbs from time to time and go enjoy the fresh air and dirt of the country.

Here's a photo recap. Happy Grandparents

The birthday boy checking out his loot and cake.
And walking!

Charley got to go in a real swing for the first time. I swung him for a long time, until he started to doze off.

The kids had squirt guns and it took Tessa no time at all to figure it out. I think squirt guns are her new favorite thing, although she was really frustrated when she couldn't drink out of the back like the big kids.

You can see she wasn't scared of getting squirted...she was right in there with them! By the time we left her hair was dripping.

I love this pic because you can tell all of the adults are pointing to the yard and telling Tessa to go squirt the other kids, haha.

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