Thursday, May 07, 2009

First Attempt Failed

I pumped Charley a bottle of milk and tried giving it to him this morning. I am hoping to get him okay with using a bottle so we can leave him for several hours to go to Eva's wedding. He wasn't having it at all. I tried for about 20 min, dripping milk into his mouth and he was just swirling it around with his tongue.

Eventually he got upset cause he was hungry so I just let him nurse and put the bottle in the fridge for a second attempt later.

Any suggestions? They are Avent bottles which I think are supposed to feel like the real deal. Tessa only took a handful of bottles in her babyhood, never once she was old enough to know the difference.

Plan B of course is to just take him along, we'll see.

Also in Charley news, yesterday he pushed himself backwards in the walker across the kitchen floor. I was kind of surprised that he could do that already! Tessa didn't do that until much later but she wasn't as tall so her feet didn't touch. An advantage of being ginormous apparently!


BrookZ said...

hey- my peditrician suggested to have someone other than youself give the bottle- he said that it helps bc the baby knows he can't get to the boob basically. my ped also went as far as to suggest to leave the house or at least step outside and by all means do not be in the same room at all. i made shane go to the nursery and i stepped outside and abbey did just fine, kate has had bottles too and we use playtex ventaire. i just left and went grocery shopping and shane gave kate her 1st...also make sure that he is not already starving...i just figured when i went grocery shopping that if she as really hungry she would eat from the bottle if she had to! she did just fine.

Mandy said...

I never nursed because I had to go back to work so soon after Robbie was born. We tried several types of bottles. The only ones he would take were the playtex ventaire (skinny bottles).