Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Buy Buy Mommy

This afternoon after Tessa's appointment we went over the newest super store in town, called Buy Buy Baby. It's alot like Babies 'R Us, but with tons more gadgets and gear. There were things I have never seen and I thought I was an expert in baby gear!

We went to buy nipples for Charley's bottles. He hasn't taken a bottle yet and I figure it's time to try because we have Eva's wedding coming up and plan to leave him with Blythe. So I thought we'd practice, but after I'd pumped a big bottle for him I discovered I had thrown away the old nipples Tessa had used, whoops!

So we go in for that and leave with a cart full, whoops again. Tessa got a Cookie Monster puppet for doing so well at the doctor's (they have the whole Sesame Street gang so I plan to use them as incentives for doing good things like potty training) and also a step stool for her to reach the bathroom sink and wash hands.

We also got..."Boo Boo Bunny" ice packs that are shaped like rabbits. Cute huh?...for when she falls and hurts herself and whatnot. I remember Bob falling once and asking for boo boo bunny.

I made Tessa's baby food in ice cube trays but these are kinda cool...individual ones that have a lid so you can pop them out and take to restaurants and stuff, for when Charley starts on food. I'll see how they work, kind of expensive to invest in alot of them.
The Bumkins waterproof laundry bag...what's known in cloth diapering land as a 'wetbag' for dirty diapers. We've always put diapers in a plastic pale and then scrubbed it clean but this might cut out some work. You just throw it in the wash with the diapers!

How nice to have a store in town that carries cloth diapering accessories, but also potentially dangerous on the wallet.
A 'Snack Trap' tether. We are fans of the snack trap and this just secures it to the stroller so she doesn't throw it down....especially handy for stroller aerobics.


LeeandLoren said...

I must say, you are a horrible influence, telling me to go and visit the store that I've been avoiding. How dare you bully me into going there, and forcing me to buy cute things for Xander and Lizzie! Bad, bad Laura! I'm blaming it all on you when Bryan asks what happened.

Stephanie said...

I'm lovin Buy Buy Baby, but you are right, it is dangerous! See ya Monday!