Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Bob and Andy

Saturday we went down south to visit, then went to my brother Andy and nephew Bob's joint birthday party. Bob is 4 and Andy is, well really old :) Here's the highlight reel.

Check out this cool baby seat that Aunt Jessie sent us! He really likes it because he prefers to sit up, and it's made out of foam so it's really light and easy to transport. Thanks Aunt Jessie!!

Handy Manny was the theme, but Tessa was just happy there were hats involved.

Mad Andy, Happy Andy

Happy Birthday boy Bob. He seems pretty stoked about the 'my first chemistry set' we got him, although I doubt he knows what it is. I think the adults were a little surprised we got him a chemistry set, but it's for ages 4+ !

Partying make Charley tired
Tessa having a whack at the pinata. Actually I helped her cause the board was a little heavy. I took like 7 kids and some adult help to actually break it open.

The whole gang partying in the barn
David with his Daddy. He has a birthday coming up soon too.

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Anonymous said...

Glad he enjoys the barco-lounger