Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Tall Drink of Water...and Milk

Today we had Charley's 4 month appointment. He is a big healthy guy!
16lb- 75th %tile
26in- 90th %tile
17cm head- 90th %tile

The doc suggested some Aveeno cream for his super dry flaky skin, he got shots and that's it. Tessa was actually just as upset about his shots as he was. She kept say 'it's okay baby!'.

For such a short appointment we were still there for an hour and forty minutes, bleck. Tessa did a really great job behaving and playing during that time. So on the way home we rewarded ourselves with Starbucks. Tessa got a caramel macchiato....okay she got a kid's size milk.

The main thing I chatted with the doc about was the fact that our insurance company has decided to only pay for 9 well checks before the age of 3, whereas both our doc's office and the Association of Pediatrics has a standard of 11 well checks (1 week, 1 month, 2,4,6,9,12,15,18,24 and 36 months).

Anyway they said they won't pay for Tessa's 24 or 36 month checks because we hit the limit. Doc was honked off because the AAP tells all docs to have a standard 11....but there are two of those where they don't get injections. I guess those are the two we were supposed to skip, but they waited until now to tell us. Anyway, doctor and insurance are going to figure it out I guess.

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Mandy said...

Holy cow! How did you figure out about the 9 vs 11 visits? Did you get a bill for 10th visit and have to investigate? I better check my plan for this. Glad to hear your kiddos are doing well though! :)