Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Of course Memorial Day weekend in Indy is all about the 500! Jer and I went a few times but now that there are babies to deal with it's become a boy thing, while Mom and I stay back to shop and lunch. So on Sunday they went racing and we went shopping. I had to get an outfit for Eva's wedding and although I still feel huge I was happy that I had moved down a size since the last time I bought clothes, woo-hoo!

The boys had a good race and we had fun hanging out with Mom and Dad. In an effort to be the biggest nerd at the race, Jeremy outdid himself this year by packing a baguette with brie and cranberry chutney, and a leather-bound flask of Maker's Mark...while the rest of the world is noshing on hot dogs and Bud Light. I challenge him to create a more outlandish sandwich each year, I know he can be even more creative!

Mom and Dad also brought Tessa her new pool. I swear I looked all over town and couldn't find an old fashioned plastic pool. They were all inflatable or pop up, and since Rosie punctured our inflatable one within 30 min last summer, I figured that wasn't a good idea. Mom and Dad found one in North Vernon. Both kids LOVED swimming...I have a feeling that's what we'll be doing all summer.

Jer and I had high hopes of doing something outdoorsy with our Memorial Day but alas it's been raining cats and dogs all day so we watched movies and did laundry, which was pretty nice too.

Cousin Bill, Jeremy, Brother Andy and Dad off to the races. Is it just me or does Andy always look confused in maybe he doesn't know what the camera does :)

Tessa excited over her new pool. We didn't fill it up the first night so she took it upon herself to find a bucket of rainwater and dump it in.

Swimming on Sunday. Charley sat in there for a long time, just splashing his little toes and watching Tessa.
That's chocolate milk on her chin in case you're wondering...

Tired after a long weekend...

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