Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eva's Wedding

We had so much fun last night at my cousin Eva Marie's wedding. It was at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indy and was totally gorgeous. We debated over whether to take the kids but decided it best for us to have a grown ups night and left them with Blythe. It was the first time Jer and I had been out without kids since our trip to Rome last September, and I probably said that about 120 times because I was so excited!

There was lots of singing and dancing, especially because Eva and Scott are PMO alum like ourselves. We ate drank and socialized and it was alot of fun. Had it not been for a hungry Charley back home I think we would have closed the place down.

When I got lonesome for a kiddo I just borrowed David from time to time. I think he got a little freaked out by the dance floor though.

Eva was stunning of course!

Dad would only slow dance, but don't worry Mom still held her own on the dance floor. It's always fun to see teachers letting lose and having a drink at the end of the school year!

Our first course of dinner and that's soup with a teeny tiny spoon, so cool! Jeremy was the first at our table to ditch the spoon and just shoot it.

Gramaw, Aunt Amy and Eva Marie
Jeremy doing what he does best, peddling alcohol

hubba hubba
My borrowed baby and occasional dance partner

the beautiful bride and her voluptuous cousin
I tried to keep things moving on the dance floor in an effort to burn calories

PMO smiles, a requirement for the program and something that doesn't seem to wear off over time

Jeremy introduced Mark to Shirley Temples from the bar and I think he had about 74 of them

Our new outfits and new fancy shoes. Mine are the turqouis sandals on the right, only $19.99 at Payless!

It was truly a beautiful wedding!


BrookZ said...

you looked good, and your shoes rock! glad you were able to get out, we need that once in a while!!

Eva Thomas said...

I love your recap of the night! so nice to hear what you guys were up to all night. i loved the picture of Mark and his shirley temples :)