Thursday, May 14, 2009

Honorary 4th Graders

Hi everyone, this is Tessa. Since I spent the day in 4th grade I'm feeling super smart and thought I should write my own blog tonight (even though technically I went to bed 2 hrs ago, ahem)

Today Mommy took me to Mamaw's school where she has a big room full of kids and toys. What a cool place to hang out. I even got to eat lunch where they have this strange kind of brown milk that only Mamaw gives me. I got to teach the class for a while where I taught them everything I to sing, dance around, draw with crayons and dirty your diaper. Ya know, the important stuff
They were such good students that after I taught I gave them each a hug.
I even taught my brother. Babies don't know much.
I was snoozy after lunch so we laid on the bean bag and read a story with Mamaw. Charley was looking at Mommy upside down.

4th graders have lots of cool toys like Snoopy and pianos that play music. I loved recess the most, but there are no pictures of that. The playground is alot like going to the park, but with an entourage of 4th graders all vying to hold your hand!

Then Mamaw gave me cookies and juice!
I don't see what's so hard about 4th grade, seems like alot of fun to me. Maybe next week I'll take a class in Papaw's high school, or just head on up to Purdue.


Cousin Eva said...

Yes go to Purdue! You're way smarter than those engineers, Tessa!

Terri said...

Thank you for visiting us!!