Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thanks Mom-mom!

Here's Tessa checking out the awesome quilt that Mom-mom (aka Grandma Day) made for her birthday present. It fits into her country room just perfectly.
We now have to say 'night night' to all of the 'beers' one by one. You can see from the upper picture that she also had to introduce her Paddington Bear to her new friends, and he even ended up joining the party and sleeping in bed with her.

There's lots of little details because each bear is doing something different. Very neat and pretty and something I think she'll claim forever as hers. I still have my old favorite ratty tatty quilt as a runner on our dining room table. If you sneeze it might fall apart but I love it. Of course this one is more for looking than cuddling.

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phasejumper said...

I have a blanket like your dining room table one too. (Full size blanket with my name and birth information cross-stitched on it.) I pull it out when I'm sick.