Sunday, May 31, 2009

Overdo Update

I realize that I haven't blogged in a week and thought I should update before people start calling to make sure we're okay. I guess there hasn't been much going on this week except the anticipation of Eva's wedding which was last night....more about that later!

Jer was out of town all week so the kids and I stayed busy doing our normal thing. Starting tomorrow we are on potty training lockdown, meaning we're not going anywhere all week, not even exercise class and not wearing diapers. Tessa will undoubtedly pee on the floor but given the current state of our carpets, I'm not sure anyone would notice. We'll steam clean when potty training is done. Wish us luck! She's pottied after dinner every night this week and gets really excited cause she knows she gets an M&M. So I think it's time to start. If we fail it's okay, she's still young.

Knowing that we'll be on lockdown we did lots of fun stuff this week like the park, children's museum and going out to breakfast, anticipating Mommy's upcoming cabin fever. I also made sure we are stocked on lots of art projects and of course there's the pool.

We also made pizzas, which we'll have to do again while on lockdown, cause Tessa loved it. I had to take the can of sauce away from her because our pizzas were a little drenched (note to self- next time pre-portion the sauce), and when I put them in the oven to cook she got very mad. Waiting for food to cook, a hard concept when you're two.

Charley turned 4 months old this week and I had every intent of doing a 4 month photo shoot but it just didn't happen. Don't worry it will! Charley has also had an ongoing wet cough for the past four days or so and I'm thinking of breaking lockdown to take him to the docs. He doesn't have any other symptoms, just a cough, and he's not fussy. The poor guy keeps coughing while he's nursing and throwing up, which is no fun for anyone.

We left Charley (and Tessa) with Blythe last night, his first time with a sitter and it was for a full 6.5 hours! He took a bit of a bottle and gave up and went to sleep, according to Blythe, but was happy to latch onto the tap when I got home. I'm just happy that he didn't give her too hard of a time, because maybe that means more dates in our future.

I think I also forgot to mention his newest accomplishment, rolling from tummy to back!


erin said...

Making homemade pizza looks fun! We need to schedule our sushi making party. Rafe comes home tonight!!! Tim used to throw up his entire bottle at least once every two days. It was awful but eventually it stopped. He just wouldn't drink slow enough! Piggy.

Stephany said...

Good Luck with Lock Down!! She'll do great - Heck I'd pee for an M&M too!!!
I wish I knew you werre doing this earlier - I have SO many crafty things at home I need to get out of the house, I would have sent some your way!
Glad you guys were able to enjoy a night out - So nice of Blythe to sit the kids.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Charley was quality control there on the counter. Every time I see him in that little seat it makes me so happy :)
I want one.