Saturday, May 02, 2009

Just Some Saturday Cuteness

This morning Tessa helped Jeremy pull some weeds. Well actually he pulled, made a pile and she scooped them into her bucket or wagon. They were a good little team! I swear that girl will do anything to get into some dirt.

We had a nice day despite my disappointing showing at Weight Watchers. We did chores, then drove up to the wine store on the north side and had a dinner at a sports bar type place where we could watch the Derby. Tessa got a little carried away screaming "GO HORSIE!!"...we had to calm her down a a bit.

Here' s just a cute video of Charley smiling and hanging out in his walker. He gave a little semi-laugh on Thursday and I've been trying desperately to recreate it to no avail.

Charley Smiling 2 from Laura Sargent Bennington on Vimeo.

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Stephany said...

How do you have the cutest kids?!?! I swear!