Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Children's Museum

We have to say thank you to Grammie and Grampie for once again buying Tessa membership to the Children's Museum for her birthday! We went this afternoon and it was Charley's first time. I did fine with both kiddos but wished later that I would have taken the carrier instead of stroller for Charley, so we could have managed things like getting onto the carosel. Oh well, live and learn.

Of all the awesome educational interactive toys, Tessa always goes for this cheapo plastic mower, and doesn't want to let go to share with other kids.

Climbing and tunneling...

One happy girl...

Charley checked out the baby zone but didn't really care about anything yet. He looked in the mirror a little though.

Who says real men don't ride in pink strollers?

Are you making fun of me?

Jeremy has still never been to the Children's Museum, so I say we start a harassment campaign until he agrees to take a Friday afternoon off and join us. Go forth and harass!


J.B. said...

MAN! You guys have some cute kids.

Jennifer Welker said...

He's been.....I took him when we were in college.