Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Night Night Buggies

Jeremy just took both kids for a walk and I'm all disoriented trying to figure out what to do with myself...nap, scrub the bathroom, run around in circle screaming? This is the first time I've been in the house alone since Charley was born. So I decided to blog!

That's actually a good decision because my laptop remains broken so I can sneak on Jer's computer. It looks like my computer will be out of commission for some time. It has to be sent away to CA to fix the problem (it's inability to charge) and when given the choice to use the money to save the computer or start weight watchers, I chose WW. I think when there's money burning a hole in our pockets again we will get it fixed. I actually don't mind not having it cause it's breaking my Internet addiction. Not having the laptop in the living room all day seems to be a good feeling.

So we have ants again this spring, just like every spring we've lived here. They come from the outside and crawlspace via various cracks and also the sink. We don't keep out any food that would attract them but it seems when there' s a dirty plate or crumbs on the counter they come in droves. Jeremy found some eco-friendly ant killer and they seem to finally be gone for the moment.

We've had them for a couple weeks at least so Tessa has gotten used to them. At first she was scared of them, especially when her bowl of dry cheerios was left sitting out too long and got invaded. There were big time dramatics. I've also seen her point to a speck of food on herself and think it was an ant and scream 'bug!! bug!!'

Most recently, however, she seems to have accepted them as part of our family. On our way to bed every night we say 'night night' to Charley, Hayden and Rosie, toys, and Daddy (sometimes followed by the phrase 'wherever you are'). The past two nights she's added "night night buggies". How sweet. Now that she's accepted their existence with open arms, I will be sad to inform her of their untimely death due to poisoning. Well, not too sad.

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Scarlett said...

What ant killer did you use?