Friday, April 24, 2009

Week in Review

Since I have more limited computer access, I've fallen a bit behind in the posting of random pictures from our mis-adventures. So here's a catch up on what happened this week...

Tessa and I wore matching aprons that Aunt Jessie sent. So funny cause I had just purchased my first apron, finally deciding after too many ruined shirts that I am too messy to cook without one!
Tessa wore Elmo underpants during potty time. She didn't use the potty at all but also didn't pee on Elmo, so I guess that's good. You can see she's also loving the set of four Disney high heels that Mom got her for her birthday.

I tried to get a good pic of Charley smiling and we finally got one after a few tries.

Tessa put a flower headband on Charley, about which he seemed thoroughly unimpressed

And both kiddos wore shorts today for the first time this year. It was 82 degrees! We had stroller aerobics outside and had to actually use sunscreen and hats.

Also noteworthy this week..
--I went to my first weight watchers meeting and am back in the groove. I weigh 50lbs more than the last time I was at a meeting over a year ago. Ah well, much work to do but I am one motivated Mama!

--Charley continues to sleep from 10pm-6:30am almost every night and will soon be moving into the nursery as he is outgrowing the bassinet.

--Jeremy finally got the FREE Wii using his Marriott rewards, and Mom and Dad are buying us the Wii Fit system as my early b-day present. Point is...we're going to play games and exercise after Tessa goes to bed at night. I'll post more about the Wii once I've had a chance to actually play it.


phasejumper said...

Sleeping through the night at two months...I pray daily that I am that lucky!! I'm excited to hear how you like the Wii Fit, I want one!

Anonymous said...

Love the Wii Fit. My fav is the step classes and boxing - try them out!

You have such cute kids!


Anonymous said...

By the way, LOVED the aprons, soooo cute!