Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Conner Prairie

A little late getting these up but better than never! Last Thurs we met my friend Traci and her kids at Conner Prairie, a historical outdoor 'living' museum on the north side.

I've been there many times with Mom's class on field trips and Tessa even came along this time last year...but this was the first time she was really into it. I actually had to sort of drag her to the parking lot (quite literally)after 3 hours cause she didn't want to leave.

She really enjoyed watching the blacksmith and potter and petting the animals in the petting barn. We even got to pet some really big horses that were standing by the fence. She and Mattie were both a little scared of them I think.

But probably her favorite activity of the day was just holding Mattie's hand and walking around outside. It was a beautiful day! She kept grabbing Mattie's hand and saying "c'mon!"

Proof that Charley really was there even though he slept most of the time. This is how he travels in style.

I attempted to get her picture petting animals but both she and the animals moved too fast. This is the best I got...


Terri said...

I love the fact that she really enjoys Conner Prairie!! It is one of my favorite places, and they have so many activities for the kids.

erin said...

aww, it's so cute that she has a little best friend. i remember when i first met you. you had pig tails :) but we were to old to hold hands! haha.