Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 09 Picture Overload

You know what's a little bit stupid on my part? Between our pics and Mom's we have over 100 photos of this Easter and not ONE with both of my kiddos together. Oy. I told Jer there are some ways in which I'm still not used to having two kids, and I guess that's one of them. I resolve to do a better job of posing them together!!

Anyway, here's the best of the best pictures from Easter 09. Enjoy!

Our church egg hunt on Saturday...
Anyone else think Tessa's bunny ears look more like a donkey's? I'm blaming her Daddy who helped her make them and possibly didn't understand the directions :)
While the grass was too muddy for egg hunting and it was done inside, there were lots of outside games in the parking lot. Really the weather was great all weekend. Tessa really got into doing this parachute thing with the older kids, who did a great job of toning it down just for her.

Easter morning Tessa found her basket in the kitchen and got the day off to a good start with candy after breakfast. I put Jer in charge of her basket this year and wasn't surprised to see Lindor dark chocolate with hazelnuts. Apparently he planned on her sharing.

Tessa liked the peeps...bleck. Mommy's not a fan.

We went to church service Easter morning, for which we tried to teach Tess to say 'Hosanna'. It sounded more like 'Osama'...maybe next year. After church we headed down south to North Vernon for food, family, and egg hunt and candy!

By Sunday Tessa knew exactly what to do with the eggs. Mamaw was worried about her getting left behind by the older kids, but I'd say she held her own.

Big cousin Mark showed her the ropes
I'm not sure what's crazier to watch, the 7 kids posing for a picture or the parents trying to make them sit still and smile

David will be 1 soon! These babies are growing too fast.
7 cousins all together, getting them to all look the same way and smile may be asking too much

The hostess with the mostest, Mamaw

Charley and I look tired. I really can't blame him though, he's been sleeping through the night more and more.
He was cute to start with but add a baby blue newsboy cap and forget about it!

Tired after a long weekend, we layed low today to recoup. And thankfully Tessa's cold seems to be clearing up!


phasejumper said...

I'm with you...peeps are gross. (Plus, that is what my son calls his "personal area"...) TMI?

Stephany said...

Laura what a wonderful easter you all had! I love Tessa's ears - J, i'm on your side no worries, donkey or bunny - still cute as all heck!
I love Charley's little outfit, he looks like he's ready for the links!

Oh and Jeremy - you can do my easter basket next year too!