Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Leak Proof Sippy Cups- a Suburban Legend?

Tessa has long preferred straw cups to sippy cups. We really haven't used sippys much at all. The problem is of course that the straw cups aren't exactly leak proof.

We are fans of the Munchkin brand straw cup. They are pretty good until the kiddo chews on the straw a little and then they dribble. We just steam cleaned our living room carpet like a month ago and it already has little droplet spots everywhere from her waters (I figured out long ago to ban milk in the living room or things get stinky). I think the drops on the carpet may be just enough to push me over the edge and try new brands.

Last week she found an old Avent sippy in the pantry and was so excited by it, I guess just because it was something new. I'm surprised to find she's actually drinking out of it quite well but it has a major drip problem.

So today I bought these, the Playtex insulators, which claim to be 'spill proof'. We shall see...she's sipping on one right now. Does anyone have any brands they swear by?

I guess at this point it's fair to ask..why use sippies at all? Why not let the child have a real cup? We might start trying that during mealtime but it just doesn't work for an on the go lifestyle that includes drive by drinks and snacks where the kiddo sprints past, grabs a sip from the cup, throws three goldfish in her mouth and sprints the other way. That kinda life needs some durability!

btw- yes I saw Oprah yesterday and yes I have things to say but since my computer is broken and I'm sneaking onto Jer's, I'll have to do it later.

And no Steph, my love for poofy hair will not snowball into pageant mom extremes. Hell to the no, those people are pyscho and I'm not afraid to say it.

And lastly...I heard some folks were unable to view pics posted here on the blog. Everything looks coolio here on my computer so if you're still having trouble please let me know and I'll look into it.


J.B. said...

I use the Playtex cups, and I haven't had too many problems. Sometimes, I have seen milk seep out from under the lid, and I have yet to figure out how that happens. I'm generally pleased with them, though. I liked the smaller sippy cups they have with the handles, too. I never had any problems with those.

I did pick up a Nuby straw sippy cup, and so far, that thing hasn't leaked (I HATE the Nuby bottle/sippy cup thing—it leaked everywhere). I'm thinkin' I might pick up the straw sippy cup you've mentioned, too. I think Nora is going to prefer those over regular sippies soon (and I figure it's the next step before plain, open cup).

Melissa said...

Okay, okay, what happened on Oprah?

erin said...

yeah, what happened on oprah? and btw, how did you score a free wii? so jealous! i don't have good advice on sippies...it's been to long for tim. i just wanted to chat :)

Jersey Mama said...

I second the Nuby straw cup. Kinda a pain to assemble/disassemble/wash cuz the straw is in three parts but it rarely leaks!