Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I know you are all awaiting a myriad of awesome pictures but you'll have to keep waiting, probably until Tuesday when Jeremy is out of town and I can commandeer his computer (and more importantly his office). Mine is still broken and may apparently need to be sent away for healing. How am I to be a world famous blogger with no laptop?

Anyway, we had a great Easter. Friday night we had a really cool Good Friday service at church, then Saturday a big egg hunt and cookout at church, then of course we were there again this morning for service and then off to the farm for family meal, another egg hunt and sugar induced child insanity.

Tessa had a great Easter although she's not feeling so hot tonight. I'm hoping she's not starting to get sick, but given the amount of mucus and meltdowns I saw today, I'd say it's possible.

Stay tuned for pictures and a pretty funny video....

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