Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Hi all!
Well Tessa is turning 2 (boo hoo) and while we do a good amount of interacting and learning out there around town, I think it's time to start some pre pre-school learning at home like numbers, shapes, etc.

Being that I'm neither disciplined or creative enough to do it on my own, I'm looking for some sort of curriculum or plan or book to follow.

I'm looking at this, a pre-school curriculum for 2 year olds that's basically just worksheets and you work at your own pace. I would love any input from you Mommy experts. We plan to put her in preschool when she's 3.5 so this would just be some learning stuff to do until then:


Terri said...

Google preschool lesson plans. A lot of sites come up. I'm more familiar with the sites for older Thinkfinity.

Melissa said...

A wonderful site that I use a lot is It has a wide variety of school item, crafts, activities, wroksheets. It's great!

phasejumper said...

I taught Will to read by age 3 by using the Leapfrog videos, workbooks (I just picked from ones at Walmart, Target and Dollar Tree). I also read to him twice a day and use flashcards. Fisher Price has some cute little educational computer games on their site also.

LeeandLoren said...

I love the Kumon workbooks, you can get them @ target and Barnes and Nobles. I wanted to ask you about your produce delivery, I should probably just call you sometime.

Anonymous said...

As a first and second grade teacher I believe we put kids in workbooks toooooooo soon. Enjoy the blocks, songs, blunt-end scissors, and stories, stories, stories! The motor and cognitive skills need more attention. It will pay off in the primary grades. I can definantly tell the difference in the kids that do and do not get this FUN time
Aunt Amy