Monday, April 06, 2009

Isn't it Grand Being a Girl?

I don't have a ton of applicable skills but I was blessed with the ability to do good hair. Maybe this will be my job in my second life, who knows? When I was in PMO I would say give me a curling iron, a bottle of hairspray and 10 min and I can do anything!

Anyway I think Tessa is finally old enough and with long enough hair for a hair curling! We were practicing for her birthday 'do'. Not cause I'm that anal, just that bored today.

You need one small curling iron, elastic hair bands, a soft brush, a cup of coffee and aerosol hairspray. While this is an otherwise 'green' household, I have to have my hairspray in aerosol form. So sue me, everyone needs a vice.

Next purchase one incredibly cute Miss Piggy hairbow on Ebay. It's actually a set of two...the other one is Kermit and green. On her birthday I'll wear whichever one she doesn't cause we're cool like that.
Toddler distraction is important, try snacks and play doh (but not play doh as snacks). Get in as many big curls as you can, spraying as you go. Careful iron handling is crucial.

Don't be afraid of hairspray and teasing. A toddler girl may seem young for such techniques but given her baby fine stick straight hair, it's really essential. Since her hair's not long enough for one pony, we did two together.

Playing with Tessa's hair is motivating me to grow mine back out. It's been a while since I could do a fun updo on myself. Hmmm.


phasejumper said...

what I can see looks really cute...maybe I'll have a girl so I can do that too....

erin said...

you can do my hair too. it's long and driving me crazy! but no piggy hair pieces for me :)

Stephany said...

The hair is so cute! Please don't become a TLC Little Pageant Mom though!!!