Thursday, September 21, 2006

1st Trimester Goals

1st Trimester Goals

Well I am actually rounding third on the first trimester (only 2.5 more weeks to go!) and have decided to make a couple of goals to get through.

-- Not gain more that 5-6 lbs during my 1st trimester. I've already gained 5 as of this morning so I have to be careful! Been counting calories but I blame our weekend in Chicago on the recent gain.

-- Not wear any of my cute new maternity pants until the 2nd trimester. On day one of week 12 I might break them out cause they're cute!

-- Get through the 1st trimester without napping at work or barfing at far so good on this one knock on wood!

What do you guys think- realistic goals?

Being that I have a little pooch I think it might be time for Jer to start taking some belly shots (although ignore all the other pooches they were already there)

Ciao! LB


Stephany Hessler said...

Oh Belly shots are my favs! I think you can easily make all of those goals. Just eat healthy and satisfy your belly - don't starve.

Anonymous said...

Here is what Chris and I did That I love. The week before Leia was born We made a cast of my belly, with my hands holding it. It turned out beautiful and I am really glad we did it. I got the info from Baby Story and found a web sight that sold stuff to make the belly cast. It's been 4 years ago so I don't remimber the web sight, but I'm sure there's a ton of them out on the web. They sent it in a cute package with ideas on how to do it. I LOVED being pregnant,so go for doing what ever makes you happy to remember some of your happy days.As far as goals it sounds reasonable. But I can tell you towards the end it didn't matter what I did and how close I watched the callories. The weight just sky rocketed.I miss you guys. Please keep me updated. Love Chris Amanda, And Leia