Friday, September 15, 2006

1st Planned Doctors Appointment

First (planned) Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday we went for our first real doctors appointment (minus the one where we went two week ago for the blood test and rhogam injection).

It wasn't as exciting as I thought!-- since we've already done an ultrasound they didn't do another, not much more to see just yet. Also we don't get to hear the heartbeat until 11 weeks, poo :(

But they gave us a TON of information- a big ol plastic baggy full including a folder from the hospital, pamphlets, ads and coupons. Then they took my blood and pee and made an appointment for 3 wks from now.

One productive thing is that given our two hospital choices we chose St. Francis. It's a really nice facility, newer and more fancy than the other hospital, but also they have a NICU unit which the other one doesn't. Let's hope we never have to worry about that- but it's good to know. Check out our hospital

Sorry no pics yet- I look mostly the same. I've only gained two lbs so body change is really only noticable to me. When I have them I'll post them!

:) Laura


Jacqueline Knotts said...

Hey there!
Saw your update on the PMO website and decided to check it out! Very cool & congrats, btw!! I too am Rh-, so I also got the the big needle in the butt a couple of times... no biggie! Funny story though; after I had Zach and they found that he was Rh+, I had to get the second round of shots. As I stood there, leaning over my bed in the hospital, waiting for the shot, I was shaking like a leaf. Then I thought to myself, "Wait a minute... I just squeezed out something larger and heavier than the last bowling ball I played with; why the HECK am I freakin' out about a needle in my butt?!!?" :) He was worth every poke and prod I got in the last nine months! Hang in there through the morning sickness... that will also pass! :)

LauraB said...

Hey Jackie!
Glad to know there are other Rh- freaks out there like me. I don't so much mind shots in the butt- I have alot of padding so I don't feel a thing. It's the blood drawing I don't like :(

Love your blog- and what a cutey you have!