Friday, September 01, 2006

A Bump with the Bump

Just a teeny weeny bump with the bump

Well I am just learning all sorts of new things this week! After suffering 4 days of a nasty sinus infection with only sudafed and antibiotics to help me (I miss powerful drugs!)... I thought I was done with the doctor for the week!

But alas no- a little more poking and prodding was in order. We had a little bit of a concern yesterday (I won't go into detail for those who don't want the TMI), and ended up having to get a blood test and go into the docs this morning for first ultrasound.

Turns out I have A- blood and I am 'RH negative' if you've never heard of this you're not alone- neither had I! It's rare but apparently serious- the baby could have 'RH positive' blood type and that would be bad..we would be passing bad blood back and forth and the baby could get hurt.

SO I had to get a shot in the butt and apparently it's that easy. I have to get a couple more shots along the way and one after Bam Bam is born and we'll be fine! Like Mom noted..why do these extememly rare low percentage chance type things happen in our family? Who knows!

BUT- we got to see Bam Bam on tv! He's still too little for a clearly audible heartbeat but we could see his digs...looking comfy in some amniotic fluid!

We're taking it easy this weekend. With the sinus infection still looming and all the recent stresses we decided to axe our labor day trip to CA. Oh well- hopefully we'll get out there soon!

For more info on RH negative blood:

Ciao for now! Laura

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