Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fun Weekend, More Pics

Hey everyone, Tessa here! We've had a fun weekend. Mommy's friend Blythe got married yesterday, so Friday night we all went to a pre-wedding hayride and party. I was all bundled up in my hat and sweater but it was still cold, thank goodness there was a warm fireplace. Daddy made smores while I stared at the flames, they are so cool.

Then yesterday Mommy and Daddy went away to Blythe's wedding and I stayed with Mamaw! Mommy was gone for 7 whole hours...the longest she's ever been away from me. Mommy was so excited to have grown up time, they stayed out late and drank a bunch of wine. Grown ups are weird. I don't know why they would want to go out when Mamaw and I were having such a good time....she gave me bananas, took me on a walk and brought me a sack full of new clothes. She's a pretty cool lady.

Mamaw brought me leopard print pants and a pumpkin hat- I'm now officially the cutest baby in town

Lunch time- I like avocados, bananas, sweet potatos and butternut squash...all homeade by my personal chef

I can roll around backwards nowadays, until I get backed into a corner and have to scream for help

Mommy and Blythe and the hayride party

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